Building Your Construction Firm

You may not know this if you’re not already in the business, but construction is booming once more. Thanks to an increase in need for housing and real estate values shooting up, construction has been a fast-growing industry. Taking steps to start a business, in any industry, is a difficult journey.

Being handy with tools can give you the skills and experience you’d need to start your own venture. This can provide you with the opportunity to set your own hours, earn your own income and essentially be your own boss. Your company may start small, but you need to adhere to certain rules and regulations and work hard to keep your customers happy. So, how do you start your own construction company?


Write a plan

A business plan is central for every company, no matter the industry. It’s a step that so many companies overlook in their excitement to start-up, but you mustn’t forget it! Include goals that you have for your business, financials and include in that your expenses for suppliers. If you are running machinery, you’ll need to have the right red diesel fuel suppliers accounted for. Make sure your business plan is printed on formal paper.


Apply for funding

Unless you are already self-sufficient, you will need financial help to get your business off the ground. Set up a meeting with the bank and talk about your loan and business account options.


Get some legal advice

For any start-up, you need some sound legal advice. You’ll need to know what licences your company needs to start construction work, what insurances you will need to cover your staff and to do work safely and you will need to know what health and safety requirements will be asked of you. Construction is dangerous work and without the right regulations in place, you could open yourself up to a lot of liability.


Inventory tools

When you purchase anything that you need for your company, you need to keep a precise inventory of everything. Machines, ladders, tools, and heavy machinery like excavators and cranes also need to be kept a record of. Make a note of the purchase dates for everything and also make a note of when things will need servicing.


Draw in the customers

You can hire an outside company for marketing, especially if you want to focus on the actual business. You need to bring in customers and the money so you can make a profit. Have your friends and neighbours spread the word for you, so you can bring in local custom. Advertising is important and if you get some excellent referrals from the local community you can continue to bring in more business.

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It’s never easy to start a formal company, but if you have the know-how and you can hire the right staff, you can easily be a success. It takes hard work, determination and a lot of grit to build a company from the bottom up. All you have to ask yourself is whether you have that grit.


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