The Qualities Of A Great Call Centre

For the majority of businesses operating today, the call centre plays a central role. The first point of contact between customer and business is still usually the telephone.

Surprisingly, the Internet has done little to change this fact. That’s why any business which wants to remain competitive needs to ensure that the call centre is run as smoothly as possible.

Too many businesses outsource their call centre work on the cheap. While this might do something to save a little on the budget, ultimately it makes for poor customer service. And a business which provides poor customer service is not likely to stay around for very long.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the qualities which a call centre needs to have. If your business has one, then you will want to take a look through this to make sure yours is up to par.



This really does apply to any office setting, but it is particularly important for call centres. Your call centre is likely to get a lot of traffic each and every day. Without a proper organisational framework, this could easily become all too much for the office. That’s why it is so important to ensure that organisation is a key principle within the call centre.

The trick here is to remember that it is equally as important in the filing cabinet as it is on the computer systems. A well-organised office ultimately means a smoother workflow – and that is rarely bad for business.



Whenever you receive personal information from a customer, you have both a moral and a legal duty to keep it as secure as possible. In today’s world, this can sometimes be more difficult than you might imagine.

It is vital to have a clear security system in place. No computer security is absolutely impenetrable, but you should at least make it as secure as possible. This is also important when it comes to taking payments over the phone. You need to make sure that you are PCI Compliant, otherwise your business might get in serious trouble. What’s more, you could cause a serious headache for your customers.

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Friendly Service

There are few things more important to a business than the staff it employs. When it comes to hiring people for the call centre, do everything you can to hire the right people. But what, exactly, are the right people?

More often than not, what you want to look for in your employees is a passion and motivation which enables them to bring energy to the office. Even when they are communicating only over the phone, this energy is likely to come across loud and clear to the customer.

Given that your call centre staff will often be the first point of contact, this is no bad thing.


Clear Targets

All call centres need clear targets for the employees to work by. Not only does this keep everyone in the office motivated, but it ensures that customers remain happy too.

The secret to making targets really work is to be clear and direct when you are communicating them. Remember, too, the importance of rewarding those who exceed the targets.

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