Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Web host

Prior to this time, only bandwidth and disk storage were considered before deciding the kind of web hosting service for your domain name. Nowadays, a broader analysis is necessary to reap the benefits of a domain name.

It is pertinent to note that different sites are better suited to a particular kind of web hosting service. However, there are some common denominators that are used to make the decision of what type of web hosting service to adopt. They include.


The Uptime Rate, Server Reliability and Security

A problematic server that cannot handle a huge volume of traffic should not be considered. Web Hosting services with unstable network connections should be avoided like the plague because it robs your website of potential traffic that can result in higher sales. The implication of this is that despite your proper SEOs and quality content, your website will be ranked low by search engines. A solid web hosting service with an excellent uptime rate is vital to the progress of your site.  A good rule of thumb is to only choose web hosting services with an annual uptime rate of 99.5% and avoid those that fall below 99%.

It will not be wise to trade the security of your site for a fast uptime rate. The security of your site is paramount as client’s login info, bank details and other confidential information are stored there. So, you should consider the security of a web hosting service before you commit with them to prevent compromising the details of your clients.


Customer Service

 Without customers, there is no business. When it comes to pitching your tent with a particular web hosting service, you should consider how well they provide support to their customers. Do they respond promptly to technical questions or do they drag their feet in providing assistance? 

Another important question to consider is whether or not there is an active forum on the hosting service where users can ask questions and get answers. You should always choose a web hosting service that provides technical support 24/7 and one that has popularity on social media. This will make it easy for you to contact customer service for assistance even at odd times. 

You should give priority to web hosting services that use an in house customer support service over one that outsources their customer care service. This is because an in house customer support service is well versed with the company operations and can resolve your queries faster.


Features and Add-ons

After narrowing down the search to services that have great customer service and high security, the next factor to consider is the sort of features and add-ons the web hosting service provides. You need to consider whether the service makes it easy for beginners to set up their sites and if they offer bonuses for advertising with Google ads or Facebook. 

Having multiple data centres is a benefit that you should be on the look for and if you’re concerned about saving the environment, you should choose one that uses green energy. You should use a web hosting service that offers a wide range of customization so that you can tweak your set up in a way that suits your needs.


Sites Backups

Backups are now an essential factor to consider in choosing a web hosting platform. This is a result of the increasing number of cyber terrorism plaguing websites nowadays. In the event of such an attack, tons of data will be lost or corrupted and the only viable way of recovering them is through a solid back up plan. Thus, you should always choose a web hosting service that provides regular back up in case you suffer a cyber-attack or experience local hard disk failures.


Registration and Maintenance Cost

The cost of the initial registration of web hosting services is competitive. However, the real catch is to look out for are the registration and maintenance cost that far outweighs the registration cost. So, before you decide on a web hosting service, take out the time to study the conditions for renewal and maintenance fees. Failure to do this might see you changing web hosting services every year to avoid expensive renewal charges.


Ability to Add Domains

Some web hosting services allow users the opportunity to attach multiple domains while others only allow one website in their plan. It is advisable to choose a hosting service that allows you to add more than one website in the plan. This would prove useful when the need for growth and expansion comes up.  Adding multiple domains in future wouldn’t be a hassle if it is provided for in the plan.


Email Features

Email features are vital in digital marketing which is why it is proper that you check with a potential web hosting service to know the email features that they offer. Choose a web hosting service that provides spam protection for your client and protects them from viruses and malware. You can obtain this information by simply reading the terms and conditions of the web hosting service.


Control Panel and User Interface 

When it comes to selecting the right kind of web hosting service, choose one that allows you to do basic technical matters without having to contact customer support for any assistance. If a web hosting service does not easily allow you to install WordPress or set up your email account, it should be avoided at all cost. The best web host platforms use cPanel or Plesk to make it easy for the users to modify the site by themselves.  

A web hosting service such as Open Host NZ is ideal for beginners taking their first foray into domain names, as they have wonderful email features and reliable customer care services with competitive prices.