How to Leave An Effective Direct Sales Business Voicemail

The proof is in the follow up. No matter where you got a lead there is always follow up and technology sometimes works against us in that area!

The online and direct sales business is an industry founded on communication and connections.

One of the best ways to communicate is through the phone.

However it is not always possible to reach people when calling potential clients, team members, or suppliers. That is why we have voicemail.

How did the business world run before the invention of voicemail systems?


Learn How To Leave A Powerful Business Voicemail Message!

To be successful in the direct sales business, it is vital that you know how to leave a powerful voicemail message.

Your friends and family will call you back, but will potential new clients or team members return your call?

You want to leave a voicemail that is both compelling and convincing, one that ensures a quick return phone call.

First of all, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the people receiving your voicemail messages.

It is not inconceivable that when they check their voicemail, they have six or more messages. With this many messages, they will tend to overlook ones that they deem unimportant.

If your call was a cold call, your chances of a call back are probably less than 10 percent.

That is why it is imperative to follow a few simple rules when leaving a voicemail message.



Keys For A Direct Sales Business Message


Be Positive

It is essential that your business message sound positive. The only ones who get away with negativity are bill collectors.

One simple trick is to make sure to smile as you are leaving a message; it sounds trivial, but it works. The person listening to the voicemail will obviously not see your smile, but they will definitely hear your positive energy.


Be Confident

It is crucial that you project confidence. Do not stumble over words, hesitate or slur your words. If you need to write down your message and read it, that is better than jumbled words, long pauses and choppy sentences. How you say your name, your company name and your contact information will influence the person on the other end of the line.


Be Creative

The third key to leaving a powerful voicemail message is creativity. Being creative sets you apart from the other messages and leaves a lasting impression on the person listening to your words.

The opening line of your message is the most important. Try to be witty, humorous and interesting. Begin with some humor by opening with, “This may not be the most important phone message you receive today, but it will be the funniest.”


Be Respectful

The last crucial ingredient in a powerful voicemail message is respect. Making sure to exhibit respect for the person’s time is vital. Acknowledge that their time is valuable and thank them for taking the time to listen to your message.

A little respect goes a long way in online marketing and the direct sales business.


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