How Powerful is Your Mobile Phone?

Throughout the 1980s and ‘90s, mobile phones became more and more popular as a way of communicating with each other. They gave us the ability to be in different locations but still have full communication with everyone, both near and far. Once we hit the millennium, smartphones were pretty much ubiquitous. Let’s now see how the smartphone has developed to become of the world’s most powerful devices.



As a communication device, the average smartphone has the ability to surf the internet, make voice calls, receive text messages, access email information and video calling. This level of technology has now made it possible for everything to be done on one device. Depending on the smartphone brand that you have, free services can be available. An example of this is the Apple iPhone. The iPhone has a FaceTime application, which allows people using the iOS system to have a free video call when connected to a Wi-Fi network, or they can have the same service if using a 4G network supplied by the mobile provider.



Smartphones have given us the ability to have more privacy. For example, we are able to check who is calling us before we answer, as we can perform a reverse phone number search from our phone to check the origin of the caller. This kind of technology not only allows us privacy, it is also vital and saves time if there isn’t really a need to answer a call. Additionally, this function also gives us the power to monitor who has been calling us.



The smartphone works through the use of applications. Applications, otherwise referred to as apps, are there so that you can use a particular service for the company/institution that you require. Banking apps are now one of the main applications that people use on their smartphones. We are now able to control our bank balance, pay bills, transfer money and run all financial accounts from wherever we are with our smartphones. The applications are now so advanced that you can even make payments in shops without having a credit/debit card present, as your card can be linked to proprietary payment systems.



Smartphones have now given us the ability to be able to access our emails on our phones, so we can now deal with work-related queries while on the move. This therefore means we have greater flexibility, as location has no impact. It is not just emailing that make smartphones a great business tool; they can be used as an organizer and can be synched with your work calendar. A smartphone can also be used in presentations by projecting graphical information onto a larger screen. This kind of flexibility also shows how far the technology has developed.

It goes without saying that smartphones are now extremely powerful. As the technology continues to improve, this power is only set to increase even further.


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