How To Eliminate The Losses You Can’t Afford In Your Business

Being successful at business is about more than making sure you get the customers you need. About more than selling as much as you can and making money. It’s about the other side of the balance book, too. About how you lose money in the process and how that can sink the whole thing.

That’s why we’re going to look at provisions you need to make to prevent that from happening.


The goods

The products you sell are naturally going to be the biggest source of revenue for your business. Which means, it things go wrong, they can be one of the biggest losses. That’s why you need to make sure you protect them.

This starts right from manufacturing, using the kind of dunnage from SSI Shaefer and other companies to keep parts safe. Then you need to make sure you organize a great inventory system. This helps you keep an eye on your product’s whereabouts, protecting them from loss such as theft.



One of the big mistakes that a lot of business owners will make is not thinking of their employees as the assets they are. Realizing, too late, how hard it can be on them to lose an employee.

Of all the aspects of human resources, it is hiring and training a replacement that is the most expensive. Not only is it dear in monetary costs. It can also damage the business losing an expert.

That’s why you need to make sure they have what they need to stay with you. Offer them development opportunities and upward mobility within the business if you can.





Your employees keep things running and your goods are what you need to sell. But without the lifeblood of the business that is your finances, you can’t pay for any of them. That’s why you need to take a closer look and ensure that you’re not losing an unexpected amount of your company money.

You need to look at every scrap of paper you have in your books and get them organized. You need to track expenses and invoices like a hawk. You need to be able to identify and justify every cost in real terms.



Most modern businesses need to rely on some sort of technological component. Losing control of these can cost you a lot of time. In other circumstances, it can cost you something much more serious.

For example, if you don’t have the right kind of backup server for your data. All the data that helps you sell, market and keep in touch with customers and partners can disappear easily. Without backup, this can deal a crippling blow to your business. Similarly, losing power or internet access can cost you potential hours. You need to have backups for everything.


If you want to succeed at business, you need to take the idea of preventing loss even further than we’ve covered here. You need to take the time to keep cutting down the weaknesses of your business, even when things are going better than you could hope.


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