How to Involve Your Workers in Your Marketing Campaign

Marketing is a hugely important part of your company’s success; it allows you to gain more customers and increase your sales. However, in a competitive market, every way that you can market your company is a bonus to your business. It means using avenues that you might not have used before, and that includes asking your employees to help you. Here’s how to involve your employees in your advertising and marketing campaign.


Get them on Side

Before you begin to use this type of marketing campaign, you need to ask your workers to help you. They need to believe in the company and its values to be able to promote it. That means you should first ensure that your workers are happy in their work and feel loyalty to the brand. That will make their efforts more convincing and honest, and also make them happy to be on board. Ask them to fill out a questionnaire about the company with one of the questions being if they are willing to be involved in the marketing campaign. You will have to offer them some reward or incentive as well as this will be beyond their remit.


How to Use Your Employees

Your marketing strategy will likely already have a campaign that has been giving you mixed results. The decisions you need to make are whether to incorporate your workers into the existing campaign or start with a whole new strategy. You want your customers to know that it is the same brand and that you are not doing anything different to what you have already done before. You also want to think about what type of marketing you will use. Some companies use one worker that everyone will get to know; others use a variety of their workers. You can create a well-created ad, or you can give them a camera like those in I Am Gopro and let them do something more organic.


Where to Involve Your Workers

The next step is to think about where you will ask the workers to promote the company. Perhaps you can give them a company social media account, so they can tweet about the company, or perhaps add some livery to their car in return for an additional allowance. As with the main marketing campaign, you will need to get your workers on board, as they might not feel comfortable doing these campaigns.


How to Choose Your Employee

If you are considering using only one or a few employees, you need to think about a way to choose the ones you want. One of the best ways is to organize auditions so that your workers can apply and give you a screen test. You can then decide the ones that have the on-screen presence you want.

Once you have got your employees you want, and you have a campaign in mind to use them, you can start to introduce them to your customers.