How To Prepare Your Business For A Power Outage

Power outages can happen at any time and do a lot of damage to a business. This is why most business owners dread them so much. It can stop your electrical office equipment from working, meaning your staff are unable to work too. This can then lead to missed deadlines, loss of vital documents and a decrease in revenue.

Power outages cannot always be predicted as their causes vary from electrical issues to adverse weather. So it’s crucial that your business is as prepared as it possibly can be. Not only to keep it running but also keep your staff safe.


Invest in backups

Many business owners feel they don’t need a backup generator but then regret their decision when a power outage occurs. Propane or diesel generators can provide your business with backup electrical power. This will allow your employees to continue working at their computers and help you regain light. This can enhance the safety of your workplace, particularly if the power outage happens during the night.

The size and strength of the generator you buy or hire will depend greatly on the size of your office and your needs. So contact a generator supplier and ask for their recommendations on which generator would be best for you. Once installed, make sure you test the generator every six months. In addition to this, invest in portable chargers and torches.


Make saving a habit

Another way you can get prepared is by encouraging your staff to autosave their work regularly. This should become a habit for your employees and could protect vital documents and work from being lost.

Make sure every computer in your workplace has it’s own portable hard drive which your staff can save their work onto. Should a power cut occur, they can the hard drive to a secondary location and finish what they were doing. Installing autosave software onto each laptop or computer might be another option you want to consider.


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Develop a plan

One of the most effective ways of getting your employees prepared for a power outage is by involving them in creating a plan. This will make everyone feel at ease and give you more control over what is happening.

Organize a staff meeting where you can discuss what to do during a power outage. You can use this as an opportunity to instill the importance of health and safety practices in the workplace. But also as a way of hearing your employees suggestions and answering their questions.

With their help, create a step by step plan of action that you can implement. This should include offline work they can complete and how to stay safe in the dark.


The more prepared you are to deal with power outages, the less upheaval, and distress they will cause.

Make sure all of your employees know what to do in the event of a power outage and refresh their memories on a regular basis. That way everyone can stay safe until the power returns to your workplace.


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