How to Recruit Talented Human Resources for Your Small Business

The selection of personnel is one of the core activities of a company, since it is through this process that the organization provides new human capital in order to create value .

Very often, however, when it comes to selection, recruiters tend to put the emphasis mainly on the selection and use of appropriate techniques, as if it depended only on this for the success of the process.

In reality, the effective selection is closely related to a clear and precise specification of the profile sought in function of which then activate the right recruiting strategy.


Most Common Problems When Recruiting

Problems such as :

  • lack of redemption;
  • number of CV not in line with the profile sought;
  • lengthening of coverage of the role;
  • increased costs of recruitment (advertisements, travel reimbursements for summonses, consultants, etc.)

are often the result of choosing a recruitment channel just because is not consistent with the target audience you want to reach , threatens to derail the entire selection procedure .

The first step towards the effectiveness and efficiency of the selection process is then represented by planning a targeted recruitment strategy.

It is precisely this fact that ensures company that resources are in line with the needs required, in relation to time insertion and cost containment.

But what are the recruitment channels available to the company?



How to Improve Recruiting Process

Normally there are two choices available :

1. internal sources are those represented by the company itself: in this case the instruments are the informal search, job posting, the results of the evaluation of the potential or the plans for the development of career;

2. external sources are represented by the socio-economic context in which the company operates: consultancies, online recruiting (think of social media, for instance), professional associations, ads etc.

Whatever your choice, there are pros and cons.

The use of internal sources makes it possible to reduce the costs of selection and recruitment of staff, considerably strengthens its corporate culture also improving labor relations.

The disadvantages are related to the possible over-sizing of the workforce and the costs for the activities of programming personnel.

On the contrary, contact the external labor market means not only to incur in costs for the recruitment and selection of staff, but also for the training and the integration of new employees.

This source of recruitment, however, in addition to making possible the hybridization of the corporate culture, undoubtedly it has the advantage of externalizing costs of recruitment and training.

It is clear that the choice which should be made ​​according to the profile searched – should be a recent graduate, a professional or a manager – requires totally different recruiting strategies.


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