Save Energy in the Office with 4 Key Changes

Making your business more green and energy efficient will save money and do something positive for the planet.

It can also be used as a great marketing tool, so here are the four key changes to make.


1. Energy Audits

When you get an energy audit carried out, you can find out your business is using energy. This makes it easy to spot areas in which energy is being wasted in the office.

It’s not sustainable to carry on wasting electricity needlessly. It only wastes money. But without an audit, it can be impossible to know how you are wasting energy and what you can do to change it.

So, make sure that you have an audit carried out at least once every year. It will be one of the best changes you ever make to how your run your office. And those wastage problems will be sorted out in no time.


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2. Use Natural Light Wisely

Why use more electrical lights when you can make better use of the natural light that is coming into the office? It’s one of those obvious solutions to a problem that not many people actually think to consider. But there is no reason you can’t conserve electricity by better using natural light. Start by thinking about the positioning of desks in the office.

They should be kept as close to the windows as possible. This means that people will have natural light shining down on their work. And it will also mean that lamps and office lights will be used far less. And that can only be a good thing from an energy-saving point of view.


3. Change Your Old Heating System & Office Equipment

Old equipment is more wasteful and less efficient than new equipment. There are two reasons for this. For a start, the older and appliances or piece of equipment gets, the more energy it needs to work at full capacity. That’s something that is true for office appliances and your heating system. If you want to upgrade your heating system, head to

You should also look at the appliances you use. If you haven’t upgraded the printer for a decade, it’s probably time to do so. Not only will it make everyone’s life easier in the office, but it’ll also be so much more efficient.


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4. Move to the Cloud

It’s more energy efficient to store things in the cloud rather than on hard drives in the office. This is pretty obvious, but many people don’t realise it. Of course, there are many other reasons to use the cloud more in your office. For a start, it’s a very safe and secure way for you to store data that is important or sensitive in some way.

When you move to the cloud, you will be taking advantage of large data storage systems. These systems also deal with lots of other data. So, by pooling it all together and keeping the storage systems in one place, lots of energy will be saved overall. Go to to find out more about this.


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