Improving Customer Data: Give Your Customers The Best Experience

The real key to building a successful business and standing tall amongst your competitors, is by creating the best customer service you possibly can. This means one that is quick, efficient, useful, and personal. The problem is, not a lot of businesses know exactly how to do that. – This is where you climb to the top.

Everything is done digitally nowadays, and customers are demanding more, whether that be in regards to the products, the service, or the overall buying experience. Over half of the customers today say that they have taken their business elsewhere if they have not received the customer experience they desire. So making that effort really does go a long way.

So where do you start? Well, what better place to begin the best service possible, than with the data? You should collect, analyze, and then understand all of the information that is given to you by your customers. Then, and only then, can you create the perfect experience.

Here are all the reasons that data can help to improve your customer service experience.


You are able to get up close and personal

Customers much prefer a personal touch than a cold robot. It’s your job to figure out a way to balance the two so that everyone is happy. Personalize your data so that it is able to recognize their personal preferences or interests. This will not only save them time, but it will show them that you care enough to make an effort. That in itself will earn you brownie points, and you will most likely get brought up in conversation with the customer’s friends and family. It’s the little details that stand out remember.


You are able to respond a lot quicker

Technology is moving so fast, (being 2017 and all), so it’s important that you keep up to speed otherwise you’ll just get left behind. One negative experience, and a customer can jump straight on social media and tarnish your business within a matter of seconds. This is why giving them what they want is so very important. By using embedded BI from Izenda, (also known as Business Intelligence) you are able to provide relevant information that is designed specifically for the task at hand. This is so users are able to work a lot more efficiently in the applications they use on a daily basis.


You can only succeed if you use it

Studies have shown that 80 percent of data floats about untouched, meaning all the leftover data could be used as valuable information to create improvements or positive changes, but instead is being wasted. The problem today is that businesses are so concerned about collecting important data, that they end up having so much that it goes unused.

Data isn’t just about the information you learn from it – it’s about the decisions you make because of it. You will run a successful business when you focus on the end game, as a pose to the data acquisition.


Now you have all the important information – use it! That is the key to success.


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