Make Your Business 10% More Efficent With These Simple Tips

Want a more efficient business? If so, you are in good company. Many companies desire to be far more effective than they are already, and the benefits are clear to everyone.

Being more efficient means spending less, making more, and cleaning out a lot of dead wood.

There are some easy ways to start doing it, too. A lot of companies feel they can’t get started with making efficiencies because of all the planning it needs. The truth is somewhat different – as the following tips will show.

So, try these ideas out on your business and see if you can make your business 10% more efficient, easily. It will give you the perfect start and identify areas that you can make further improvements in.


Stop using email so often

There is nothing that can kill a productive hour more than email. It pops off all the time, causing you to stop and read whatever someone might have sent. Even if it isn’t important.

One way to stop this is to have a semi-ban on email use at certain points in the day. Perhaps you could use a desktop app to blank out any distractions other than five minutes every hour or two. You’ll find a lot of people will start to get a lot more done.


Stop chasing new customers all the time

Finding new customers takes a lot of time – and money. In many cases, it is better for you to target old customers instead. You already have their names and addresses, and you already know what they like. Use this information to your advantage and you will spend less money on gambling and more on what you know already.


Automate everything

If you are struggling to get to grips with the day-to-day running of your business, you need business management software. It will help you automate all the tasks that are taking up your time. Not only that but it will help you be in a better place when you need to scale up and grow your business.



Do you find yourself micromanaging everyone at every moment of the day? If so, it’s time to hand over the reins a little. For a start, it will be far better for your health – your need to control can be bad for the blood pressure. But, it will also free up your own time and empower your employees to be more decisive. The result should be a far more efficient business that can react better to any situation.


Have fewer meetings

Meetings are the bane of many business owners – and also the staff that has to attend them. They can take up a lot of time for everyone, and are often pointless exercises. Question the need for every meeting and you will soon start to have fewer of them – it’s that simple. You should also try to establish better meeting practices.

Have a goal, explain it, ask for two sentence ideas, and then make your conclusions. The quicker your meetings are, the more everyone will remember their content.


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