Little Tricks That Make Your Business Look A Lot More Professional

Let’s face it; not all companies are entirely professional. After all, businesses are just made up of people. And people – well, need I say more?

The problem, however, is that a lot of small businesses don’t appear all that professional to their clients. And this creates a bad vibe, right from the start. More often than not, you end up losing business you would have had, had you followed a few simple tricks.


Get A Dedicated Phone Number

Many small businesses start up on a shoestring. And that’s great: they’re making the best use of the resources available to them. But often, those businesses make decisions that to the outside world don’t look that great. One problem is that they stick with their mobile numbers. This creates all sorts of problems. For one, they hear your regular voicemail. This might sound professional, but in all likelihood, it doesn’t. Plus, even today, in the smartphone era, a mobile number is still considered somehow less professional than a fixed number. Perhaps it has something to do with all the war babies and baby boomers for whom it is only a recent phenomenon. Whatever the case, get yourself a fixed, business line. Or if you’re out and about, use some type of call-forwarding service from your landline. It will make your business look bigger and more professional.


Use Name Badges Across Your Company

Name badges do a lot for your company. First off, they create a sense of trust among the people that you deal with. But they also have the effect of making your business appear bigger than it is. People think that if your company has name badges, for some reason it must have substantial capital behind it.

But name badge firms, like Imagine Products, don’t charge high prices. That means that badges are something that is available to practically every company and probably should be used by all.


Use A Business Email Address

Business email addresses are a must for those starting their own business. Again, they make your company appear larger than it is. But they also create consistency across your business. If you have your own domain name (which you should), your email should be linked to this.

There are many business email options out there, from Google Apps to Office 365. And most, if not all, charge some small monthly fee. But in return, you get a custom email linked to your domain and business name. And this helps to create consistency across your entire firm.


Take Great Photos

There are a couple of reasons why you want to have great photos on your website. One: they’ll help you sell your product. Quality photography gives clients the impression that your business is the real deal, and encourages them to get in touch.

And two: SEO loves great photos. Generic photos aren’t likely to get your business very far. And let’s face it, most people can tell whether a photo is generic or not. Plus, search algorithms are more likely to favour bespoke content.


Photo source: Pixabay


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