Security Systems for University of Birmingham to be Enhanced by 2020 Vision Systems

2020 Vision Systems will be working with the University of Birmingham to integrate a new security system.  They had the opportunity to do this because of winning a competitive European Tender.  Now the deal between both parties is secured, and the company will be supplying the institute with video surveillance and access control systems throughout the campus.  This includes a 780-bed student accommodation block, a comprehensive school and sports centre (completely with an Olympic-sized swimming pool), and a library.

All of the facilities that were mentioned above will be found on the campus, and five of 2020 Vision Systems’ technicians will be working on the security system onsite for the next two years.

When asked about it, the Sales Manager at 2020 Vision Systems, Neil Titterington, said: “This arrangement has been in development for a number of years and we were fortunate to be involved from a very early stage, which enabled us to work closely with the consultants and architects in order to come up with the most appropriate security systems.”  He said that the company had a commitment to building relationships that lasted a long time with the organisations that they worked alongside of.

Along with this security system being placed throughout the campus, the University of Birmingham released a security app for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows systems.  This app is called Callmy, and is intended to alert users of a problem on campus that is deemed an emergency of some stature.

Once the application is downloaded on a user’s phone, the app will stay dormant until there is an emergency situation on campus.  From there, the app will notify users who have it on their phone automatically.  This will happen via alarm, text message, voice message, or picture message.

This application and new security system had been inspired by a power outage in 2012 that caused power to go out across the campus.  When that happened, students had used Twitter to pass on any information they had to other students.  Callmy will notify students and staff instead, and give them any information they may require to remain safe during an emergency situation.