Your Spam Emails are Costing You Time and Money

The spam emails that you receive in your account are constantly wasting you precious time and costing you good money.  On top of this, it’s also slowing your productivity at work.  Whether it’s real spam (like clickbait emails or phishing emails) or emails for services you subscribed for (i.e. that weekly email about the sale at Lush), it’s still killing any productivity for the day.

Oasys Software calculated that all together, dealing with these spam emails cost UK companies £203 billion per year.  This number is about £6,554.90 per employee.  How insane is that?


Just How Much Time are You Spending on Your Emails?

The average person from the UK spends an average of 3 months of work a year checking and replying to emails.  Germans typically spend 62 days a year, whereas the French spend an average of 99 days a year replying to emails.

Oasys continued to find information, concluding the following:

  • Business people send 33 emails per day.
  • They receive 90 per day, and 12 of them are spam.
  • Taking an average of 30 seconds to read an email, and 1 minute to reply, that’s 78 minutes spent dealing with emails per day.
  • In a 5 day work week, the average person spends 5 hours reading and replying to emails.
  • In 1 month, the average person spends 24 hours dealing with emails.

Altogether, in the course of the year, that’s 301 hours, 36 minutes a year spent on emails.  This is calculating the 8 public holidays that UK workers receive, and it accounts for 20 days off.  This would mean that a UK worker works for 232 days a year, and they still come to that insane amount of hours working with emails.  All of this means that you spend 17.33% of your productivity time at work dealing with emails — a lot of them being spam and unwanted.

As mentioned before, this costs.  With the rise of the living wage allowance (set to rise in April 2017) of £7.50 an hour, this will mean that a business will be paying about £2,262 yearly per staff member to deal with their emails.  And of course, as salaries get higher, so does the cost of messing with emails on a daily basis.

If you consider the average graduate salary, which is about £28,000, or £14.46 an hour, the business you work for is probably paying around £4,361 per employee for the very same reason — checking these emails.  Again, this is a yearly amount.  Of course, managers are the most costly in this regard.  Why?  Because they tend to get more emails, and are paid more.  By estimate, managers may be costing companies around £5,060.84 yearly.

So how can you cut down?  Mail Manager by Oasys Software is a great tool that helps businesses cut down on these costs by cutting time on the spam and unwanted emails.  This might be a perfect solution for your company.




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