The Dot Peen Technological Advancement

What is the dot-peen innovation?

The dot-peen innovation principle is based on the formation of depressions on a material employing a vibrating tool. That generates a sequence of points (impacts) developing: direct marking (on that part), anti-tamper, and long-lasting marking.

During the dot peen marking, the material gets pressed back and isn’t burned, milled or more largely transmuted like the case in other marking expertise. No shavings are formed, implying that the parts weigh precisely the same both prior and after the marking. This likewise implies that dot-peen makes no breakage points in the material, irrespective of the width of the part getting marked.

How Does the Dot-Peen System Function?

Dot-peen marking apparatuses utilize a pneumatically powered marking pin to brand (or peen) a sequence of tiny, narrowly spaced points to created curved and straight lines. Dots are placed very precisely by independent Y and X marking axes, giving rise to outstanding mark superiority plus clarity. Powerful and precise five-phase stepper motors permit accurate and reliable mark placement, having 0.025mm resolution on each of the two axes.

Likewise known as pin marking innovation, the marking technique offers swift, perfect marks whereas applying minimal strength on the surface of the part. Logos, 2D Data Matrix codes, and text can be marked in whichever positioning or size. You regulate the superiority and penetration of mark by creating modifications to the dot spacing, air pressure, mark settings, and the clearance amid the part and the pin.

Why Select the Dot-Peen Marking?

Industrialists can upsurge production quantity and reallocate cherished labor resources by progressing to the dot-peen marking. They as well enjoy downstream paybacks from extremely accurate and legible product marks, eradicating the requirement for scrap, testing and rework, owing to wrong item identification.

Dot-Peen Usages

Given their specific concentration on worldwide quality systems plus exceptional constituent identification necessities, dot-peen industrial marking solutions are extensively employed all through the aerospace and automotive industries. Since dot-peen marking systems are chiefly appropriate for the long-lasting marking of whichever surface material, the know-how is also extensively utilized in the oil and gas industry, agricultural machinery, electronics elements, metalworking industries, logistics, and transportation industries, building machinery, plus many more.