How to Turn Around an Underperforming Email Campaign

Email marketing campaigns are the door-to-door flyers of the future. You can design and execute an entire campaign right from your office.

However, things may not always go as planned. There are reasons that email campaigns go wrong.

Once you know what these are you can fix your current underperforming campaign and then prevent the issues in the future so that future campaigns can go off without a hitch.


Batching and Blasting

This means that you have your list of names and just send that email to every single one of them. When you do email campaigns you want to target them.

For example, if you have a clothing business and plan to do a women’s summer dress sale. This is not something that most of your male clients will care about and getting things that do not interest them could result in them taking themselves off of your mailing list.

You would target this specific campaign to your female customers because they are going to be the most interested in the summer dresses you have on sale.

So, go through your email list and be sure to do some demographics and separating so that all future campaigns can be targeted accordingly.


Always Create Your Own List

Some companies will buy lists of email addresses and then blast them all with campaigns.

These almost always end up in the spam folder and people will start to associate your business with spam.

You want to send email campaigns and emails only to those that specifically request them.

This will give you a good reputation and those getting the emails will actually read them.

Your Welcome Message is Flat

Your welcome message must engage the people you are sending the emails to.

If that message does not catch their interest then they are going to quickly hit that delete button and move onto the next email.

You want your tone to be friendly and warm.

Having each email address the person directly is even better because it shows personalization and that you care about each and every person getting the email.


More Messages are Okay

Now, you do not want to blast your faithful readers with multiple emails that say the same thing. However, you can get a program that will tell you who read what you sent and who did not.

After you initially send out your campaign, give it two to three days and then send another email that has the same contents, but different subject line message.

This should only be sent to those who did not open the first email.

Maybe the subject line did not spark their interest, maybe they accidentally skipped past the email or maybe they were in a hurry that day so they deleted it.

A second email actually tends to have a really high response, resulting in a much better chance of getting a lot of eyes on your email campaign.


You Have Not Tested Your Campaigns

If you have not looked at past campaigns to analyze their performance, then how are you supposed to know how to improve for the next one.

You need to know how many people read your email, what this translated to (more sales, etc.) and how the email was formatted.

If you got a poor response, then you know that just about everything needs to be revamped. If the email was read, but this did not translate into the recipients doing anything with it, then you know that your welcome message is great, but the actual email design could be improved.


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