How a Virtual Office Address Can Harness the Power of Location Prejudice

Whether you are a mostly independent entrepreneur or you manage a whole team of employees, customers and clients will use your business address to judge you. For instance, your new company could be every bit as promising as any other, but a lot of people would be put off if they knew it was run from a domestic location. Whether fairly or not, consumers equate home based setups with inexperience and low status.

The problem is that it isn’t always easy for young businesses to take that first step and establish a fully independent office. For one thing, it is hugely expensive. With heating, lighting, cleaning, and broadband bills to think about (just to name a few expenses), going it alone is no mean feat. Fortunately, there is an affordable and effective solution. With a virtual office, Hong Kong businesses can start operating out of a prestigious corporate address right now.

This guide to the power of the virtual office will help you understand why the option is so popular with businesses in China.


Learning How to Exploit Location Prejudice

Within market based economies, physical addresses can be very powerful. For example, a company selling luxury chocolates would be seen as a great authority if it was based in Switzerland; the home of traditional chocolate. Similarly, a retail company offering designer clothes would gain more credibility if it were based in Paris, New York, or Rome; the fashion capitals of the world. The lesson to be remembered is that location is everything.

The spot that you choose for your business will be used to inform prospective clients of its value. So, you need an address that screams professionalism, whether it is a first office in your home country or an added branch in another. The great thing about virtual offices is that they come ready to use and only a fixed monthly premium is charged. Included in this fee is heating, lighting, cleaning, tech support, secretarial assistance, and more.

So, imagine that you want to start forging connections and building up a presence in Hong Kong, which has one of the most diverse and lucrative markets on the planet. Just by being there, the reputation of your business will improve, because the region is synonymous with success. Plus, if you move directly into a virtual office, you’ll have none of the expense associated with setting up an independent international office.


Building a New Home in No Time At All

This freedom to move right into a fully equipped and furnished space is very important for a number of different reasons. Firstly, it is significantly less expensive than an independent lease. Also, you don’t have to get locked into a rigid contract, which cannot be altered if needed. Virtual offices are a great way to set up an international operation quickly, especially if there are a lot of complex legal procedures to go through before you can buy or rent property.

All that you need is your team; everything else is provided for you. From conferences rooms, to a personal mailing address, a dedicated phone line, state of the art computer software, and anything else that you might need to get started. It is common misconception to think of virtual offices as being communal. However, this is not true. You pay for a private and personal workspace, with the only difference being that it is managed and maintained by the provider.

This takes the pressure off and allows expanding businesses to concentrate on setting up new connections, charming important contacts, and deciding where to move next. If a computer breaks down, it will be fixed by the onsite IT team. If you need a suitable space to hold a meeting, you’ll be provided with a lavish conference or boardroom. Whatever your requirements, a virtual office is perfectly placed to fulfil them.



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