VSI Defined and Its Applications

What Is VSI?

In 1927 Francis E. Agnew from California licensed one of the initial Vertical Shaft Impactors. His structure stacked three VSIs on top of each other to yield sand, therefore beginning the VSI development.

At present, VSI crushers – plus those depending on them – have created countless configurations to take in everything from the inclusion of cascading material towards the crushing compartment, to air swept partition of leaner product. One variety dangles the shaft from overhead akin to a sugar centrifuge. VSIs utilize a massive volume of energy to breaking material, and that is the reason it is amid the most multipurpose crusher configurations currently.


How does a VSI Crusher Function?

Feed material descents via the feed pipe onto the enclosed rotor or impeller table, which, using centrifugal force, tosses the material against motionless anvils created from compound metal alloys. Whenever the rock hits the anvils, it breaks alongside natural stress lines, generating a consistent, cubical product. This technique of crushing is inexpensive and straightforward to run.


Uses of VSI

Essential limestone uses are for cement, gravel, sand, road base, and Superpave asphalt aggregates. Industrial utilizations comprise corundite, corundum, glass, zeolite, ferrosilicon, refractories, tungsten carbide, and silicon carbide. Mining uses comprise burnt magnesite, iron ore, bauxite, perlite, non-ferrous metal ore, and trona sulfate. VSIs are superb for everything, from waste to recycling uses and abrasive materials.


VSI Disadvantages

Various feed size confines exist with a VSI owing to the small feed part obtainable in the middle of the propeller. Tramp stuff in the feed, like tools, gloves, and so on, can bring difficulties with unevenness. The high HP and RPM need cautious balance upkeep like supplanting shoes on both propeller sides simultaneously. Costly wear part price might be an issue for some tough abrasive materials; nevertheless, the VSI might still be the apt alternative.


Final Note

The VSI is amongst the most adaptable crushers in the marketplace these days. Even with several restrictions, such as output capacity and feed size, VSI features are and carry on to be advanced to exploit lower operating costs plus first-pass yields. You shall not be disillusioned if you trial your procedure on full-scale apparatus before selecting your VSI.