What to Consider Before Accepting a Remote Position

If your current position has you tied to a desk, sitting down for most hours between 9am to 5pm, you may be mulling a change of pace. Certainly you could find a job that has you standing more or maybe you just want to escape from your coworkers. In either scenario, this may have you dreaming of remote work.

Today, more than ever, we’re living in a gig economy. Companies are looking for employees to take on tasks without hiring an in-house, full-time worker, and this is to your benefit.

If you feel limited by the jobs in Salem, or you’re just hoping for more flexibility, remote work may be perfect for you. But, this is what you should know before you make a decision:



You may be thinking that working remotely will give you more flexibility and it certainly could. You can definitely step out to quickly walk your kids to the bus stop or throw in a load of laundry before a meeting, but if you think you can just work whenever, you’re probably mistaken.

Before accepting a remote position be clear with the company in question when they expect you to be available and have your assignments completed. If your boss is more lackadaisical, you may be able to take breaks as you wish to get lunch with friends or go grocery shopping in the middle of the day. However, in another scenario, working from home could mean working 9am to 5pm and rarely leaving your computer, just maybe from your PJs instead of work attire.



If you’re looking to take on remote work at a brand new company, especially if there are no available remote jobs in Salem, this means you could be working with people in New York, Florida, or even China. While you may be tired of interacting with your current coworkers, how would you feel if you didn’t see anyone all day, day after day?

If you’re regularly on the phone and conducting meetings via Skype, this may be enough interaction for you. On the other hand, if your work is more solitary and you only communicate on occasion by email, is this enough personal interaction?

Some people crave solitude, but others appreciate the ability to converse with their cubicle neighbors. Which are you? Think on this because while you may not want to chat with your current coworkers, you might not want complete solitude either.



If you are looking at a remote position at a company that is completely remote, they may have ways to measure performance and growth nailed down. However, when brick-and-mortar businesses expand to offer remote work, it’s usually to fill a specific need. This means your opportunity to grow within the company may be limited.

If you want to be able to grow within a company and continue learning about all it has to offer, this may be more challenging for you if you accept a remote position.

Most managers are used to literally seeing you in action and will provide opportunities as they watch you excel or offer an opportunity simply because they see you around. This isn’t possible if you are working remotely. In fact, if someone is performing the same job as you are and they are in the office while you’re working from home, even if your performances is better, it’s possible that the in-office person will have more growth opportunities than you.

If this doesn’t matter to you and you’re happy doing your job and getting paid for it so that you have the flexibility that comes with remote work, than it’s not an issue. However, if you’re hoping to stick with a company for a long time and work your way up the corporate ladder, know that it can be more challenging when you’re a remote employee.



Regardless of whether you are required to be at a computer or near a phone during certain hours or you can work when you wish, remote positions will provide you the opportunity to travel.

If you never have to come into the office, or know you only have to show up once every few months, this means you can literally work from wherever your heart desires, as long as that place has an internet connection.

So, if you want to be a vagabond and live in your van, hopping from city to city, this is an option. If you want to live in Paris, go for it! Just know that you may have to work strange hours depending on your flexibility. Or, if you want to be at home and your main goal is avoiding rush-hour traffic, that’s fine, too.



When you arrive at an office each day, everything you need will be set up and in working order. Your computer will work with ease. You’ll have an endless supply of printer paper and pens. You may even have coffee, snacks, and the occasional team lunch. If you need something, all you have to do is ask and, if it’s a reasonable request, your wish will be granted.

However, when you work remotely you will likely be tasked will caring for these expenses yourself. This means, if you need to be working on a computer and it crashes, you’ll have to quickly put up the funds to fix the problem. And, if you need a new computer and it doesn’t come with the software required to complete your job, then you’ll have to spring for this as well.

Yes, you’ll save money on your daily commute, but when you work remotely, you’ll need to be prepared to replace any necessary items at a moment’s notice.

Working from a remote location may be the best option for you, but keeping the above in mind will help you make an informed decision.


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