Why Is No One Reading My Blog?

When you’ve spent time writing interesting content for your blog, it can be annoying to view the stats and find that all but no one has clicked on your post. If you’ve recently begun in the hobby, you might be wondering why no one has come- or how you can get more people to read your blog. Here are some of the things you might be doing wrong.


Your Design is Off-Putting

You want your blog to be personal to you, after all it’s your own corner of the internet. However, if you want it to be read by others (and chances are you do, which is why you write a blog and not a journal), you will need it to appeal to others too. The truth is, if your blog looks fussy, unappealing and difficult to read, many people simply won’t stick around to read your content. It seems shallow, but you have to remember, people, read your blog because there’s something in it for them. If your design makes it difficult to them to read your content and get what they want, they’re simply going to go elsewhere. If you’re not much of an expert with coding and design, you could buy a premade template or pay a blog designer to whip you up a personal yet professional looking design.


Your Images Aren’t Interesting

Your words are what will keep a reader and keep them coming back for more. But your images are what will draw them in. You need clear, interesting and bright images relating to your content to grab people’s attention. Smartphone cameras are pretty good in the right light these days, although investing in a DSLR can be a smart move if you’re serious about blogging. You could go on a short photography course which will allow you to learn how to use all of the bells and whistles and get the best shots.


You’re Not Promoting Properly

You could be writing the most compelling content ever, but if you’re not promoting your blog, then people aren’t going to find it. Sign up to social media and connect with likeminded people, this gives you a good platform to share your blog. Commenting on other bloggers posts will also help you to get discovered, but it can be slow going. Speaking to a digital marketing agency could be one way to go, they will be able to advise you about the kinds of things you can do to boost your ranking in search engines and therefore generate more organic traffic.


Your Content is Lacking Oomph

If you’ve started a blog purely to earn money and your heart isn’t really in what you’re writing, it will show. If you’re also regurgitating the same old information that’s on every other blog in your niche, it’s not going to excite the reader or keep them coming back. You can offer something completely unique– YOU. Your personal views and opinions, your thoughts. Write with passion, and it will show and really draw people in.


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