Wood Paneling Techniques

Wood paneling is incorporated as an ornamental accent or to cover up damaged places. It offers added value since it serves as an insulator; wood paneling retains the heat inside, keeps the cold out and similarly works well at soundproofing than most other materials, specifically solid hardwood, such as teak. Conventionally it was employed on kitchen walls plus entryways; however nowadays wood paneling can be found all through the house, from libraries to bedrooms and in external applications such as balconies, it has seen a rebirth in its applications and uses.


Wood Paneling Updating Tips:

Paint the paneling

Paintwork shall require sanding, painting and priming which shall theatrically change the look of whichever space. The paneling grooves can straightforwardly be covered using wood putty or filling to create a plane surface. However, just painting the paneling can radically offer the room a different appearance. Any web-based search for ‘wood panel updating’ shall return a large number of results with variable advice on the preparation of a panel surface. Some shall propose to lightly sand the surface, whereas another recommendation is to employ a chemical de-glosser. By utilizing either of these approaches, the coarsened surface shall bring forth a better surface for your paintwork to adhere to.


By just turning the wood lining 90 degrees on the horizontal, it dramatically changes the space into a contemporary design.

Refinish your paneling

If the paneling is made from solid wood, then it provides the possibility to sand, stain plus varnish. If paneling is laminate, it offers the alternative of refinishing. Though, the stain might not be able to be consistently applied. If not sure of what the paneling might appear like after refinishing, simply discovering a spot or a corner that is concealed by furniture shall permit for an excellent place to trial to perceive if the refinish procedure will work.

Dressing up the paneling

Merely adding a trim element can add a fresh element into whichever wood paneling. Ornamental molding can be used to make frames, be employed as a crown molding around the ceiling or as a baseboard. Other homeowners dress up paneling with wallpapers.

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