Your Oil And Hyrocarbon Exploration Solution

In the energy world discovery and production of new oil and gas resources is considered as a major contribution and achievement to humanity. It also contributes to economy growth. This is because of the complex nature in which these resources exist. Their geological context necessitates the need for high level expertise, an exploration strategy based on an updated oil and gases knowledge with optimized estimates of uncertainties and carefully controlled risks. Total prioritizes proven oil basins, extensive exploration in emerging areas and intensive exploration of mature areas. When venturing into new areas total works well with partners to optimize risk sharing.

Total makes use of its techniques maximizing the potential of hydrocarbon exploration. Its strategy is based on a broad and diverse portfolio, rigorous selection of high-potential prospects. The above strategy facilitates the discovery of over four hundred million oil barrels per year, ensure exposure to risk is balanced, maximize value creation. These group also has a high-quality geographical and geological diverse acreage portfolio that covers all major geological surroundings encountered during exploration whether conventional, emerging. Total integrates all key areas of geological expertise guaranteeing the correct interpretation of increasingly complex geological environments, accurately defining exploration risks.

Theoretically, physical chemistry processes most likely to improve oil recovery are well studied but their field application is complicated and doesn’t yield much of the oil stored in the reservoirs. For better production we need to engage and utilize advanced recovery improvement techniques such as chemical eor with an additional five to twenty percent recovery at stake. This technique utilizes chemicals that can help catalyze recovery. This involves addition of polymers to the injection water to add to its viscosity hence enhancing its piston action on mobile oil that can deliver an addition of five oil recovery points or even more for highly viscous oils. This enhanced technique utilizes products that are manufactured based on a tailor made approach as per specific conditions at each target reservoir.
With introduction of such innovations research is inevitable contributing to more advanced and updated knowledge to analyze complex systems deal with exploration challenges.


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