3 Easy Ways to Encourage Customer Loyalty

The business world today is increasingly competitive, whatever sector you’re based in. The key to continued and sustainable growth is to have a recognized and trusted brand, and the secret to achieving that is to have a loyal customer base. Loyal customers won’t just return to purchase from you time and time again, they’ll tell others to do so as well, and in doing so they become your unpaid brand ambassadors. It’s vital therefore to do all you can to encourage and grow customer loyalty, and here are three simple ideas which can make a big difference. 


1. Incentivize Loyalty

If you have a great product or a great service, particularly if it provides a unique way to solve a pressing consumer problem, then you greatly increase your chance of repeat sales, but sometimes a further incentive can tip the scales in your favor. If you sell online, ask the customer if they want to receive news of special offers, or if they buy in person or via postal deliveries, then you can include a voucher with the item purchased. A generous incentive can leave a lasting impression, meaning that you’ll more than recoup any initial hit thanks to future sales from the return customer. 


2. Make Your Website Easy to Use

Online sales are increasing year upon year, and in 2018 online purchases made up more than 10% of all retail sales in America for the first time ever. That’s why having a high-quality website that customers can purchase from is more important now than it’s ever been. To encourage users to buy from your site rather than a competitor’s, you should ensure that your website is fresh, visually exciting and up to date. Don’t make it too crowded, however, as it’s just as important that customers can make purchases quickly and easily. With these factors in place, you’re much more likely to find an increased number of purchases, including repeat purchases. 


3. Spread the Good News

Customers are looking for a great product that also provides great value for money, but when they also think the company itself is great, then you’re really onto a winner. It’s essential to keep your name and branding in front of customers, and this can be done through a regularly updated blog on your website and through newsletters. Newsletters are particularly effective for business to business clients, and using a high quality email marketing service can make their production straightforward, saving you time and money. SendinBlue are specialists in email newsletter templates, and they provide five free templates that can be adapted to suit your purpose. These templates contain important factors such as loyalty bonuses, social media call to actions and customer testimonials, so you can take the sections which matter to you and use them to reach out to your customers. Remember, it’s always a smart idea to let them know when you have special offers or about any awards or other good news stories relating to your company, and a newsletter is ideal for this purpose. 

All sales are valuable, but repeat sales are among the most valuable of them all as they come from core customers who can be relied upon to keep coming back to you. Communicating effectively with them through the use of email newsletters is a smart way to encourage their loyalty, as is the use of discount codes and vouchers. With this strategy in place, and an easy to use website ready to be bought from, you could have a competitive edge over your corporate rivals.