3 Ways To Spiff Up Your Complex to Impress Visitors

The first impression made by a business office, corporate park, hospital ground or apartment complex comes from its landscaping, parking lot and connected structures. A clean and inviting exterior in good repair creates an important professional presentation. As a business owner or corporate park lesser, keep that look year-round by cleaning and maintaining your buildings and the surrounding areas in the following ways.

1. Parking Lot

Entering the area, customers and clients first notice where they will park their cars. Stepping out onto a filthy parking lot can be an unsettling experience. Use parking lot sweeping companies Washington to keep the surface free of litter, leaves, grime and oil.

While you are at it, budget for eventual maintenance and repair. The amount of traffic you experience will dictate the timetable for major resurfacing.

2. Buildings

Buildings are magnets for grime from industrial pollution and passing cars. The buildup can be so slow you do not realize to what extent the brick and wood have deteriorated. Every two years, have the surfaces pressure-washed to remove the dark grime, but be careful to work with an expert who uses appropriate pressure for the surface so as not to damage it. In the spring and fall, have windows professionally cleaned. This will create a clean appearance for those looking out from the inside, too.

3. Landscape

Just as with a house, it’s important to keep in mind the concept of curb appeal. Go for colorful plants and fully mulched grounds for a rich appearance. If necessary for upkeep and water savings, plant low-maintenance trees and shrubs. Avoid plants that attract too many pollinators or that drop flowers and seeds excessively. Bees and wasps can act as pests and be dangerous for those with allergies, while tree droppings will cover cars parked underneath.

Visitors love coming to a business complex that is inviting and clean. Pristine parking lots, gleaming buildings, shining windows and prolific landscaping can create a positive sense of calm and happiness in customers and other visitors.