4 Great Ways to Promote Your Coffee Shop

The coffee shop business is very crowded and competition is fierce. However, this means that coffee shop owners need to put more work into promoting their brand so they can remain in business. Here are four original great ways to promote your coffee shop. We’ll focus on methods that are affordable and successful, so they’re practical for everyone.


Appealing Storefronts

Appealing storefronts promote your coffee shop in several ways. The appealing storefront will catch the attention of passerby who often don’t know you’re there if you blend in with the surrounding retail outlets. When they see you, they’re likely to visit you and buy from you. There are storefronts that turned the front of the store into a work of art, making it attractive and a conversation piece.

You can get attention with funny or cute signs, too, especially if you cannot afford to revamp the storefront. And while sign-less stores are increasingly common, many stores still find they bring in customers.


Bring In the Crowds

Invite book clubs to meet in a corner of the coffee shop. Let authors hold meetings with their fans in your coffee shop, knowing that you’ll sell drinks and snacks to nearly everyone. Another option is hosting classes that your target client would appreciate. Teaching people how to properly use coffee grinders, the differences between the different types of coffee or the latest trends in coffee would bring in visitors who are now much more likely to buy from you.


Free Samples

Free samples always attract people. And notices about free samples will go viral on social media on channels you otherwise wouldn’t reach, since people share notices about freebies on groups dedicated to coupons, discounts and freebies. When you share information about freebies, make it clear what you’re offering and any restrictions on the offer. Be very careful with coupons and group discounts, since there have been cases when the owners forgot to put time limits or minimum purchase amounts on the deals and ended up losing money.

Another option is giving away free stuff at others’ events. For example, sponsor a local charity and give out free coffee to volunteers or attendees at a fundraiser. You’ll generate goodwill while promoting your brand.


Guarantee Word of Mouth Marketing

About a quarter of new coffee shop customers say they came because of word of mouth marketing. One way to get this is to offer free coffee to your customers if they bring in a friend. Another option is to buy wholesale mugs and use them as promotional items. You could sell them to your best fans or give them to customers who bring in a friend. The mugs themselves will promote your business to strangers when the person you give it to uses it at work or another coffee shop.

All these methods will help set your coffee shop apart from the rest. With a little work and know how, it’s always possible to carve a niche in this space, as long as you maintain a sustained effort.


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