A Guide To Virtual Offices and Services Offices In Manila


When you’re looking for an office space for your business, it’s important to take some time to sit down and determine what exactly your requirements are. With more an more leasing options available nowadays, you can easily steer clear of traditional leasing options and find a more flexible solution for your business.

Outdated, long-term, expensive office leases can be detrimental to companies, especially those just starting out. Traditional office spaces in prime locations often ask for anything from a one-to-five year contract to be signed form the beginning. And, if you’re looking to be able to negotiate a slightly better rate, it goes without saying that the longer you sign for the better a chance you will have of securing an affordable rate.

With that said there are much, better, much more flexible options available. Virtual Office and Serviced Offices in Manila, for example, offer month-to-month leasing options, with no long-term contracts. Your business can enjoy a prestigious address, local phone number and a fully-equipped set up form the moment you arrive so you can get on with running your business with zero interruption.

Here’s a quick guide to virtual and serviced office spaces in Manila.


What is a Virtual Office?

Most premium providers offer both serviced and virtual office solutions. The flexibility offered by both is incredibly advantageous to business owners but they are distinctly different in more ways than one.

With a virtual office set up, you will be able to operate from a prestigious business address in Manila, such as Alaya Avenue in Makati City. You will be able to print your new prime address on your business cards and marketing materials, gaining you credibility in the marketplace, as people will associate your business with other successful businesses in the same location. Not only will you have an address here but you will also have a dedicated local phone number and receptionist to answer your calls, as you like alongside a mail management service.

The majority of your business, however, will be carried out remotely, as this is a virtual office. You can work from home, from the road, another office location or wherever in the world you like. If you do need access to a physical space you have access to a private office space three days per month included in your monthly plan and you can utilise conference and meeting rooms on a pay-as-you-go basis, allowing for maximum flexibility.


Choosing Serviced

If you want everything that a virtual office offers but would like to go to your office space to work every day, then a serviced option might be better for you. A remote setup doesn’t suit everybody and doesn’t work for every business type. By choosing to go serviced, you will be physically at your office every day and will have free calls to any numbers around the world whether local, national or international.

From your prestigious office address, you will be able to meet with clients easily and build up a rapport with the local business community. Included In your package are five days of free office or lounge use at any facility across the globe, allowing you to meet with clients in confidence and secure those business deals.


Should You Opt For Serviced or Virtual?

Making the decision to go virtual or serviced will be largely based on how you conduct your business each day and how much time you are likely to spend in the office. If you are out meeting clients or travel a lot, then a virtual office might be a better option for you. On the other hand, if you are more productive going into your office each day and enjoy face-to-face time with your employees and clients, then a serviced option will be more beneficial for you.

Whichever option you choose for, you can enjoy a prestigious address in Manila to associate with your business and help your business to shine in the local community. From your new office address, you can pursue opportunities in the Philippines with confidence, knowing you have everything you need to conquer the market.


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