3 of the Best Ways to Advertise in the 2021s for Budget Conscious Businesses

You can’t expect consumers to purchase your product or service if they don’t know it exists. For ages, businesses both big and small relied on traditional means of advertising to get the word out about their brand, be it print newspapers, magazines, circulars, radio, television, and even roadside and building-mounted billboards and signs. Signs are especially appealing since unlike some methods of advertising, they have not only stood the test of time, they have become modernized to include animation, stunning lighting, brilliant digital print, and more. 

One sign company in Houston, Bakers’ Signs Complete Sign Company, has been devoted to the electric billboard advertising business for more than a generation and a half, which means they’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. Says company spokespersons, electric signage is perhaps the least costly means of advertising you can invest in over the long haul. Neon signs, illuminated channel letters, or a cabinet sign is perhaps the most targeted advertising available in the marketplace. Electric signs will advertise your business or product in the local area precisely where its offices and/or manufacturing base is located.       

But what is you’re looking to advertise and market to a more global audience and attempting to do so on limited funds? Or even perhaps, zero funds? Maybe you’re an artist looking to make a visual statement online with your paintings and drawings but have no marketing funds at your disposal. No funds is no excuse. 

According to trends writer, Pierre Ramzy, marketing/advertising is still a crucial step towards making sales that just cannot be overlooked. What worked yesterday might not be working today since the marketing business and its methods are always in a flux. Trends are changing up more rapidly than ever. From blogging to putting out newsletters to search engine optimization, there doesn’t seem to be any end to the advertising and marketing possibilities for your product or business. It’s just a matter of latching onto what is working today.  

With that in mind, here’s 3 of the best budget conscious ways to advertise in 2021 and beyond.  



The name speaks for itself. Billions upon billions of users head to Facebook dozens of times per day and even more at night in their free time. Their demographic is said to be about 35+ years old on average. You don’t have to pay for Facebook Advertising in order to run a successful marketing campaign. You do however, need to come up with some effective posts that don’t seem as though you are putting your product or service directly in someone’s face and telling them to purchase it or else. Facebook marketing, like all marketing on online platforms, should be subtle. In order to successfully market on Facebook, you need to have a Facebook page for which you can increase exposure and engagement by writing interesting miniblogs and posts that revolve around your product, as opposed to directly marketing it. Or, if you so choose, you can pay for Facebook Targeted Advertising. Both methods are effective. The former is free, but be warned, the latter can run into a serious daily spend, so watch your budgets carefully.  



Owned by Facebook, but boasting a slightly younger demographic of 18-35, Instagram is said to be very popular with folks of all ages. Says Ramzy, it really started to pick up traction as a digital advertising base in 2019 since it’s as much visually driven as it is focused on language. In fact, it can sort of be considered the electronic signage of the internet with its brilliant photos, videos, stories, mini-blog posts, influencer opportunities, and more. Much like its parent company Facebook, you can build an Instagram page for free and use it to boost exposure and engagement. Or, you can spend some cash by investing in Instagram focused advertising. Both require different approaches and strategies, but if done correctly, they can be very effective in getting the word out about your product and/or service. 


Search Engine Marketing/Advertising

If you can focus your marketing efforts on search engines such as Google, you will find it’s possible to build a major advertising platform since the people you will be focusing on are already looking for your product/service. You can manage a successful Google marketing campaign via two routes. Organic searches, which are free. Or, Google ads, which come with ad spend, which like Facebook and Instagram, can be significant if left unchecked. The former works by putting out content that uses keywords and search engine optimized (SEO) terms and/or specific keywords that will rank higher than others. The latter is expensive but said to be more successful since it works on a pay-per-click system. Chances are, if a potential customer clicks on your ad, they are interested in purchasing your product sooner or later.    

Advertising and marketing is a tricky business. You need to advertise if you want your product to be seen by potential buyers, but then, you can spend a lot of money on it, and not really have any clue how effective your campaigns have been. Whether you choose a more traditional route like electric sign advertising or a more online friendly route like search engine optimization, the point of advertising is the same. To sell your particular brand to a group of consumers who will not only come to trust you, but come back for more and more.