Banner Location And Roi Enhancement

Aside from design, where you place your advertising is key to its success and boosting your profits? If you put time and effort into designing an effective ad, don’t ruin your ROI by placing them in the wrong places.

Outdoor banner printing is an effective way to advertise your company. For advice on maximising your marketing ROI with ad placement tips, check out this guide…


Making locating your store simpler

How many of us would spend a long time trying to find a store? Especially if there’s a similar one that’s more visible. This is highlighted by the fact employees in the UK are working more overtime than ever before with 60% of those asked stating that they don’t have a good work-life balance, according to a study published in The Independent last year.

Don’t risk potential customers and sales by not helping people find you. By placing your pull-up banner in a location that signposts your building, you can direct your customers, as well as advertise your brand to the general public. If you’re thinking about placing these outdoors, make sure you opt for a quality PVC or vinyl banner featuring bold fonts and bright colours to make sure your ad can endure the weather and attract attention for maximum return on your spend.


Guarantee that your brand will stand out at exhibitions

The UK events industry is worth £42.3 billion and 1.3 million business events are held annually, according to Eventbrite. Corporate hospitality accounts for around £1.2 billion, while exhibitions comprise £11 billion and conferences make up the lion’s share at £19.9 billion! Do you want to make the most of an event? Then, you need to advertise and promote yourself while you’re there.

If you think all you need is digital ads to get by, you could be wrong. According to a study carried out in the US, participants that viewed print media showed a greater emotional response for it and were able to recall its details better than they could for digital ads. If it’s eye-catching enough, it will draw potential partners and employees to your table where you can begin discussing the key details of your business.

Help your audience remember you by designing and using a strong, attractive print banner. This adds longevity to your marketing strategy that will boost your ROI beyond the event itself.


Awards shows: the advantages

Awards shows are great for getting recognition from others in your industry, but they’re also a massive advertising opportunity. There are countless ceremonies for every industry taking place across the UK throughout the year. So, how can you highlight your brand when you’re surrounded by competitors?

A Canadian study sound that three quarters of people could remember a brand after viewing it via a print media ad. Conversely, only two-fifths were able to recall the company after seeing it on a digital platform. Banners make excellent backdrops to stand in font of during an interview or video update. Hashtags, contact information and your brand logo are essential components of an award show banner — and make sure you share your snaps or videos on social media to spread brand awareness!

We recommend verifying that these are suitable for the occasion first, of course. If they are, use this time to promote your brand on social media and YouTube. A creative, attention-grabbing pull-up banner stamped with your brand logo and key information you want customers or prospective employees to know will work wonders to promote what you do.


What about advertising indoors

Never underestimate in-store advertising. The sleek dimensions of a banner will allow it to stand noticeably in your foyer or next to your reception desk, while not making the place appear cluttered.

Studies suggest that it can take as little as a tenth of a second for us to formulate an impression of something, which means that you don’t have long to portray your brand in a positive light when your customers step into your building. Make sure that your reception banner is professional-looking and informative for the best effect and subsequent ROI.

But why is this area such an important spot for advertising? The section immediately inside a shop building is called the ‘decompression’ zone, according to an article by the Economist. This is because customers need to momentarily ‘slow down’ to assess their new surroundings and assess which products are on offer.

Detailing things that your brand has accomplished on your banner in this location will help you bond with and impress consumers. So, utilise your indoor banner to shout about what’s great about your brand — the larger the banner, the more space you have for key information!


Window displays and why you need them

For decades, companies from large department stores to corner shops have used their windows to promote their services and products. Did you know that 80% of consumers describe themselves as ‘promotion sensitive’? Highlighting a special discount on your pull-up banner placed in your store window will give your offer excellent visibility to help bring foot traffic in-store. Also, research shows that discounts can make it less probable that people will then compare your range with your competitors’! Remember to use contrasting colours and large text to highlight your offer on your banner.

What’s more, according to store design and display consultant, Linda Cahan, in an article published in Entrepreneur: “Each window should tell a story”. Use a platform to raise your banner for better viewing opportunities. Capitalise on this promotional space by creating an alluring banner and placing it so it can be easily spotted by pedestrians and drivers,


Make this year the best one yet for your business with the banner placement tips. This article was created by Where The Trade Buys — a leading provider of outdoor banners in the UK.


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