Bertin Instruments for Tissue Homogenization and Radiation Monitoring Systems

Tissue Homogenizers

When it comes to sampling preparations protocol, right before extracting the molecules of interest from the sample, a tissue homogenizer is used to disrupt the sample. It is designed in a way that gives quick solutions when carrying out any type of sample preparation.

The process is time-consuming and can also be delicate. But with Bertin Instruments, you will get various versatile and economical Precellys homogenizers that result from bead beating tech for grinding samples before RNA, protein analysis, and DNA are conducted. To improve your sample creation process, combine the lysing kit with Precellys homogenizers. They both work as the best lab partners for efficiency purposes.

Homogenizers are efficient and flexible enough to allow scientists to prepare any type of samples (Hard or soft) in the shortest time possible. The various available lysing kits that come from different bead materials such as garnet beads, metal, ceramic and glass make the kits fit for use in many biological processes.

Radiation monitoring system

There are various products and solutions relating to Radiation monitoring systems.

Life Sciences

You will never miss finding innovative lab instruments to use in sample preparation at Bertin Instruments. Instruments for management of air-borne contamination, cell imaging, and various other radiation observance systems.

Environment and Recycling

They offer solutions for industrial equipment such as waste collection centers, composting plants, cooling towers, waste-sorting plants, and water treatment plants that are used in several tomographical, biological and chemical pollutants. Bertin instruments come with solutions to help customers identify and collect components to be measured.

Defense and security

Bertin nuclear instrument- Saphymo provides radiological measurement systems used by the defense sector to protect the soldiers as well as the people. It is the sole brand in France that provides solutions for detecting product chemical gas.


When we talk about refineries, we think about the dangerous gas leaks. The gas leaks accumulate and once they reach a certain concentration point could explode. One single explosion is dangerous and could cause huge property and life losses. At Betin, there are instruments to prevent this by adding a layer of safety in the endangered areas.