How Your Business Can Win at an Exhibition

It’s a well-known fact that exhibitions deliver the highest ROI as compared to other marketing techniques, but businesses can be hesitant to make that first up-front investment.

Exhibiting is a bit aof an iceberg marketing channel. The exhibition itself takes only a day or so, but a lot of extra work goes on behind the scenes (or under the water) to make sure you win big.

Here are three quick-fire ways you can make sure you win at your next exhibition:


Create an attractive stand

We’re often told that looks aren’t everything. Which is true to a certain extent but the look of your stand plays a vital role in attracting people over and it’s a bit more complex than just aesthetics. It doesn’t just mean having the best or brightest graphics, but it does mean making sure that you have a simple, clean design with displays that suit both your budget, space and brand.

Exhibition stands like these are great to use for stand spaces up to about 3x4m and include items such as banner stands and pop up displays that are great for branding your space.

It can be tempting to overcrowd your display with a rush of excitement over having the best displays but sometimes less is more. A backdrop and counter can work beautifully together while giving room for your staff to bring people on-stand to talk about your products or services.

Think about how your space will work, where you want to take people on-stand to take a sale or write down their details which should then dictate where your displays can sit.


Be engaging

No matter how pretty your display is, if your stand staff aren’t engaging, people will walk away. A display can only attract people to your stand – it’s your job to keep them and convert them.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to dedicate some time before the event for training. Make sure everybody is on their A-game when it comes to your offering as well as expectations on how to behave.

For example, if you are exhibiting with a new product then it would be a good idea to make sure that your stand staff are experts in it to be able to talk through the perks. If you can get your stand staff excited about it then even better! This will increase the chance of passing on their excitement to your stand-visitors who will then be tempted to purchase.


Quick follow up

After the exhibition has ended, it may feel like the job has been done, but actually it’s the most time-critical period! Time is of the essence when it comes to following up with customers while they still remember visiting you.

If they gave you an email address, make sure that you email them within a couple of days to thank them for visiting your stand and to remind them of your latest offers and products. You can even design the email beforehand to make sure it’s quick and easy to send when you have your data.

Sending your email quickly and following up with potential customers who expressed an interest via a phone call as a priority will make sure that you can increase your ROI from the event further and really make the most of the data you gained at the event.


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