Correlation & Causation: How Your Strengthen Your Profits By Building Your Relationships

How many fruitful business relationships do you have right now? And how is your financial situation? If you are finding that a lack of clients and suppliers is having a direct correlation to your business success, you may be onto something. Your business relationships, in every aspect, will always have a direct impact on your business success. And of course, the barometer of business success is how much profit you’re making. So how can you work to strengthen your relationships and also strengthen your profit at the same time?


Working With Your Supply Chain

The importance of your supply chain doesn’t need to be discussed, but how you manage your relationship with them does. You need to nurture these relationships as well as understand their competition. But also you need to be on the right side of them, so you need to pay them on time and make sure you understand the potential of your suppliers. Many businesses don’t take full advantage of what their supply chain can do for them, as they may have another skill set that will benefit your business that you didn’t even know of. And of course, when communicating with your supply chain, it should be clear and consistent.


Working With Your Financiers

These are people who will get you off the ground, will keep you ticking over when you need extra money, and will generally be a lifeline for your business. To maintain an effective relationship with your money lenders, the first step is to be prompt with your repayments. This will always ensure that you are keeping on the good side of them. Always remember that there are resources available for when you are in a financial bind, there are sites like that don’t just cater to one type of business, but they list various types of financial injections for companies that are in different stages of their development. Having any type of business debt hanging over your head can be stressful, but you can always get a head start by getting your accounts in order. This is vital for any start-up company, and you may think that you are considering your finances by attempting to cook the books yourself, but you are normally better off acquiring the services of a professional.


Working With Your Employees

While you may think that the fewer employees you have, the more money you would potentially be able to pocket, this is very rarely the case. Your employees are the most valuable commodity in your company, and you need to continually develop your relationships with them, not just for the benefit of your business, but also by investing in your staff and their skills, this is what will help your business achieve more in the long run. Your employees are also the one aspect that you can really solidify your relationships with. Your supply chain, your money lenders, even your customers, they are harder to reach. Your employees are the ones you have the most contact with, and so, in many ways, you have to work harder to make sure your relationships with them are growing at a healthy rate. It may sound simple, but there are ways to help improve your relationships with your colleagues on, but you should also learn how to make yourself more approachable.


Being the owner of a business means you have a lot of relationships to nurture, but with these three relationships, they have a direct impact on your finances. So nurture these, and reap the benefits.


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