Business Exhibition Mistakes You Should Never Make

When attending a business exhibition or conference, it’s crucial to make a good impression. In fact, this is the essence of the activity.

Make sure you are making the best impression by avoiding these common mistakes.


Don’t Have A Crappy Stand

It’s pretty obvious, but if you’re at an exhibition or conference, it is a bad idea to have an amateurish looking stand. The stand is there to reflect your brand, and it needs to be sleek, organized, and professional looking.

Use an exhibition design service for this. or if you choose to decorate your own stand, at least make sure you have professional banners and boards. Printed sheets of paper from the office printer stuck together are not acceptable.


Don’t Be Rude About Your Competitors

Now, you might be in a very competitive industry, and that’s okay, but whatever you do, don’t be rude about or badmouth your competitors. It makes you look very unprofessional and untrustworthy.

If you are trying win a client, highlight your strengths rather than their your competitors weaknesses. Playing fair will help you establish trust with the customer end you will look much more professional.


Don’t Wear Your Own Clothes


Okay, I know it’s a day out of the office, and that’s always fun, but let’s not take it too far. Don’t wear your own cloths. If possible wear branded items with your business logo.

This gives an overall area of professionalism. If you don’t have access to branded items, then a smart a business suit would be acceptable, but it’s not my first choice for an exhibition.


Fail To Network


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Don’t forget that exhibitions are networking events. Remember to talk to your competitors or new potential suppliers as well as potential customers.  Make yourself available for their sales pitches; you never know they could save you money!

Ensure you get people’s business cards. This is because it is much easier than ago to negotiate a preferential rate when you have previously met that person face-to-face.


Eat At The Stand



Whatever you do, don’t eat when you’re manning your exhibition or conference stand. This just looks super unprofessional, and no one is going to want to shake the hand of someone that is has a sandwich in it.

Working an exhibition can be tough, so make sure you get a couple of breaks as talking to hundreds of people can be very tiring. It is really important to eat, but go to the lunchroom or the restaurant to do this.

Keeping a bottle of water at your stand is totally acceptable. It’s even better in a company branded bottle.


Don’t Complain About Your Company

However dissatisfied you are with your business’s progress or particular issues, do not, bring this up at the exhibition. Potential customers will not be impressed if you do a hatchet job on your own business.

If customers have concerns about particular issues, address them in a professional way. Reassure them that things are in hand, and outlining the steps you will be taking to improve.


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