5 Go-To Internet Resources For Business

It’s amazing just how much help there is now out there on the internet for small businesses. The number of resources businesses have at their fingertips has exploded in recent years.

Far from being a desolate wasteland, the internet is a rich resource, one that all small businesses should use. But what exactly is out there? Let’s take a look.


Name Generators

Sometimes, one of the hardest things to do as a business is choosing a name for something. Perhaps you want to think of a name for a new product. Perhaps you’re struggling to think of a cool name for a new website.

Maybe you’re even looking for a name to give to your business. Well, help is at hand. Now there are free name generators all over the internet, like Wordroid and Impossibility. These name generators use intelligent algorithms to find the perfect name for your business.


Content Assistance

Writing content has become super important for businesses. It keeps their websites fresh, relevant and exciting. But a lot of businesses struggle with the writing part. After all, most businesspeople aren’t writers. They’re engineers, managers, developers and so on.

But now the internet is crammed full of resources for writing and blogging. There are, of course, the usual grammar and writing assistants. But there are also some more interesting resources.

Take Liberio, for example. Here is a tool that allows you to create you own eBook through Google Drive. It’s ideal for any businesses looking to share their expertise with other in their company or their industry.

Telephone Databases

Businesses are becoming more global than ever. And that means that communication overseas is becoming more important. But often, businesses find that they have to scrabble around for the right telephone codes. This costs them time and money.

However, scrabbling around for the right codes looks set to become a thing of the past. There are now sites that list codes for every country in the world, and for various business and virtual numbers.


Trending Content Search Engines

Businesses want to know what’s happening right now on the internet. They want to know what’s going on in the online social world so that they can leverage opportunities. But knowing exactly what is going on out there is no mean feat. Unless, of course, you use trend analytics.

There are plenty of options out there, but one cool app is Google Trends. This displays trending searches on various topics, helping your business identify points of interest. There are also premium programs, like Swayy, which allow you to discover the most engaging content.


Website Analysers

Websites are the cornerstone of most businesses. They have been for a long time now. And their importance is not in any way diminishing.

At the same time, the complexity of websites has been increasing. Product categories have expanded, and the amount of things people want to do on websites has increased.

But now this added complexity needn’t be a problem. You can use things like Hubspot Marketing Grader to grade your marketing. And you can use SERPs Rank Checker to make sure your keywords are on point.


Featured image source: www.jisc.ac.uk