The Resources A Scaling Business Needs To Have To Survive

If your business is growing, it’s time for a bit of celebration. But it’s also time to prepare. Bigger businesses need more of just about everything. More money, more staff, more room.

You have to be prepared to build the business up, to scale the business so it can handle more demand and better.

Here, we’re going to look at the (mostly) physical resources that can help you make that transition a lot more smoothly.



First and foremost, everything in this article is going to cost you money. If you’re just starting to grow, you can’t put too much of the earnings into the kind of scaling development you need. Often, it just won’t be enough. Worse, it will detract from your ability to deal with the day-to-day expenditures your business needs.

You will often hear that a business plan is one of the best ways to get funding when you first start your business. That hasn’t changed now. Your business plan show how you plan to use the money you can to build on what you have already proven to be successful.



When you’re growing, more customers start to roll in. You have more IT needs, more distribution needs and just more to do in general. So you’re going to have to start hiring a good deal more people. For the management positions you’re going to need to start building, look into the members of your team.

Those who have already demonstrated their loyalty and motivation. Give them new opportunities and the chance to prove they can do more. Then make sure you avoid some of the most common mistakes in hiring.

For example, going on skills alone. Or failing to check with their references. They might seem like a great person but you would be better if you have backup demonstrating they can take that greatness to their job.

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With more people, you’re also likely to need more space. You can cut down on this need by relying on employment methods like remote working, for instance. But in most cases, you need to choose new property carefully.

Choose a place that’s easy to commute to and is well positioned in relation to any distributors or suppliers you need. Take the hassle out of buying property with the help of commercial conveyancing solicitors, as well.



As we’ve said, you have more needs as you grow. You have to deal with payroll, more scheduling, HR, accounting and all sorts of tasks. Tasks that can be easier dealt with by having the right software on your side. Business management software can help you deal with a lot of aspects from the business in a much quicker time.

You can also build software for much more specific purposes by outsourcing to a software-as-a-service team. Not only can they help build the software you need, but will go on to support and reiterate on it after.





If you have a real need for IT, then you’re going to need the hardware that comes with it. What was once a one-laptop business is no longer likely to be so easily managed. You will need to invest in more computers and likely servers to create a network between those computers.

This means data is much easier shared between the team, even if the internet goes down. It’s also important that you’re able to keep your hardware sustained and free of the risk of work interruption. This can be as simple as getting an extra power supply.



It’s not a physical resource, but it is a very real need for the business that is going to have to take a big role in your financing budget. As you’re growing, you have more money to market with and more possibilities. So, where does it go? In today’s digital age, it’s clear that much of it has to go on internet marketing. The five best aspects of digital marketing are as follows: search engine optimisation.

Website design and performance. Content marketing. Social media advertising. Paid advertising. You want to not only pay for the right marketing, but also analytics of how those marketing efforts go. That way you can better learn which work and why.


The resources mentioned above aren’t the only things you need. You need to plan how the operation of the business changes. How you meet customer demand, how you make your team more efficient and other challenges besides. But to cope with all of that, you need to make sure you have the resources you really need. We hope that the above tips help you get it all in order.


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