Businesses That You Can Run Using Your Car

Most people use their car on a daily basis, whether that involves going to work, travelling for business or dropping the kids off at school. Whilst some of us rely on our vehicles to get us from A to B, many of us actually use our cars for jobs. We’ve teamed up with Motorparks, who offer a range of vehicles from trusted manufacturers such as Volvo, to bring you this helpful guide to the different career options available to drivers:


1. Plumber

There is a clear demand for more plumbers in the UK; due to a shortage, the government has been investing more money in training schemes and apprenticeships for skilled trades such as this. You’ll require a particular set of skills and industry recognised qualifications, but once you have them under your belt, you can run the basis of your business from your vehicle – you’ll need your vehicle to get you from job to job. According to Totaljobs, the average salary for a qualified plumber is around £31,787.


2. Uber Driver

Uber is now a global super-company, with availability in over 83 countries and 670 cities across the world. This year, the service has acquired over 40 million active monthly users, and over 20 million rides in London alone since 2012, growth is expected to continue. There are currently over 1.5 million Uber drivers worldwide to which 25,000 of those were registered to London alone. Whilst you will need to outlay some initial costs for a private hire licence and to ensure you vehicle is road worthy, alongside the appropriate insurance – the return could be worth it in the long run.

Uber drivers earn around $364 per month, or £274 on average. However, Uber claims the average driver can make around £15 an hour after its 20-25% service fee.


3. Driving Instructor

Data has shown that more and more people are taking their practical driving test every year. During April and June 2017, there were 546,608 theory tests taken and 485,148 practical driving tests conducted, showing an increase of 7.6% respectively on the previous year, and a 49.2% pass rate. If the level of tests continues to show growth, it’s likely that driving instructors will continue to be needed to meet demand. As of 30th June 2017, there were 39,373 approved driving instructors across the UK. You’ll require qualifications to run a driving school from your vehicle, and especially for car driving lessons, your vehicle will require dual control modifications.

According to Total Jobs, driving instructors can expect to earn an average annual income of £42,500.


4. Painter and Decorator

We all love to update our homes with the latest trends in interior design – data shows that the average person in the UK will decorate their house approximately 36 times over the course of their lives. As trends come and go each year, a painter and decorator is likely to always have work on with home improvement projects typically taking around 18 days to finish. You’ll most likely need a larger vehicle, such as a van or 4×4 where the seats can be put down as you will need ladders and a pasting table if you are going to offer wallpaper services, in addition to your other tools and equipment.

Figures for 2017 show that there were almost 2,000 available jobs in the painting and decorating industry in the UK, with an average yearly salary of £26,000.


5. Courier

The delivery industry in the UK is booming. In 2014, it was reported that parcel couriers had delivered and handled over 1.7 billion parcels domestically in the UK. In a recent report, it was estimated that DPD averages around 1.6 million parcel deliveries per week! Parcelforce average around 70 million per annum, Yodel 135 million per annum, Hermes 190 million per annum and Royal Mail a huge 826 million parcels per annum.

There is a clear demand for more delivery drivers due to the popularity of next day and weekend deliveries. With 87% of Brits reportedly either sent or received a parcel in the six months leading up to July 2017, a career as a courier is one that is likely to keep you very busy – and of course, you can run it from the comfort of your own vehicle, whether that’s a van, small car, Land Rover or other 4×4. A courier earns on average around £21,000, according to Totaljobs – and you can expect to work between 30-40 hours a week.



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