Companies Are Using Bullet-Proof Glass To Keep People Safe In The Digital Age

Just when businesses thought they had things sorted, a bunch of disruptive entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley decided that it was time to remake the world using computers. Ever since there’s been a digital revolution under way and it’s repercussions have been as deep as they are wide.

One area of work that isn’t often considered but has been changed considerably by digital tech is safety. Here are some of the things we’re seeing companies do to protect their staff and customers.


Laser Security Devices

Lasers have been around since the 1950s, and since then they’ve found dozens of applications. One of those applications is in the area of safety. The idea here is to use them to catch criminals or trespassers in the act. Sometimes they can get through metal detectors unnoticed, but a laser security station is very likely to pick them up and alert the security services.


Metal Detectors

Another way that companies have stepped up their security is through the use of metal detectors. There’s a risk that companies might be targeted for a mass shooting by a former disgruntled employee and so they want to be prepared. The management at many businesses has fitted metal detectors at entry points to make sure that people aren’t carrying knives, guns or other weapons into the workplace.

It’s worth pointing out that digital tech has made metal detectors much more powerful than in the past. It’s now a lot harder for an employee to smuggle a gun into the workplace and start shooting. Even the smallest pieces of metal, like the bullets in a plastic gun, can be detected.


Warning Signs And Badges

Things like GHS pictograms have been around since before the digital revolution. But now companies are embracing new technologies, like QR codes on products and URLs so that they can keep their workers and customers informed and up to date about product safety and protocols. The idea is to leverage smartphones and make it really easy for people to educate themselves about the hazards in the workplace. QR codes can be printed on the products themselves, put up on walls or be stuck to machinery.


Bullet Proof Glass

Bulletproof glass was once the sort of thing that was only seen in James Bond films. But thanks to improvements in technology, it’s now something that is relative common in the business setting. Bulletproof glass is making an appearance all over the place, but it’s most common for businesses that handle a large amount of cash. Tellers are protected by bulletproof glass as well as big steel doors to their offices. Bulletproof glass is frequently used alongside metal detectors to minimize the risk from firearms.


3D Scanners

3D printing and scanning are finally maturing into fully-fledged digital technologies. But 3D scanners aren’t just for scanning objects to find out their dimensions. The technology can also be used by businesses as a visualization tool, allowing them to see where the weaknesses in their business’s security lie. Essentially, this technology allows companies to prepare for problems they did not foresee.


Featured image source: Pixabay



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