Converting DVDs to MP4 with Movavi Video Converter

At one point in time DVDs were immensely popular due to the superior quality they provided and the fact that an entire movie could fit on a single disc. However nowadays people enjoy watching videos on various different devices, and if you have a library of DVDs you’ll find that you’re unable to do so – especially on mobile devices.


The good news that it is possible to convert your DVDs to digital video files so that you can watch them on any of your devices. All that you need is Movavi Video Converter, and a few minutes to set it up as a DVD to MP4 converter.


If you already have a DVD that you would like to convert, place it in your DVD drive and launch Movavi Video Converter. To add the DVD to the software, click ‘Add Media’ then ‘Add DVD’ and select ‘Open DVD’. The DVD files you need to add will be located in the ‘VIDEO_TS’ folder on your DVD, so you should click on it and click ‘Select Folder’ to add it.


Once the DVD has been added, you can set Movavi Video Converter to switch it to MP4 or any other digital format. That can be done quite easily, as you just need to click on the ‘Video’ tab near the bottom and select one of the presets under ‘MP4’ or any other format. If you want you could also look at the ‘Devices’ tab for presets that will automatically optimize your video for specific devices.


In any case once you’re done you can click ‘Convert’. Just before you do you may want to check the destination folder indicated by the ‘Save to’ field near the ‘Convert’ button, and click on the folder icon if you want to alter it. Once your DVD has been converted it will be saved in that folder, and you can watch it or transfer it to a different device.


All in all it shouldn’t take long for you to convert any of your DVDs in this fashion. In fact the same applies for any other video, audio or image files, as Movavi Video Converter is capable of converting all of them. Its features will also let you create animated GIFs, extract audio tracks, grab screenshots or edit your videos by enhancing their quality, adding captions, cutting and joining video segments, and more.


While DVDs are far from obsolete, nowadays the trend is definitely favoring digital video files. By being able to convert any DVDs using Movavi Video Converter, you can ensure that you’re able to play them on other devices aside from just your DVD player – and will have a backup copy in case anything happens to the physical discs.