Is It The Right Time To Hire A New Employee?

If your business is growing, you might be thinking about hiring a new employee. Of course, you should never play down the decision to hire a new employee. It’s a big decision, it’ll take time, and it’ll cost you money. It’ll also cost you in the long-run if it turns out you didn’t really need an employee after all, or if they turned out to be the wrong person. So, is it the right time?


You Have More Business Than You Can Keep Up With

If you have more business than you can keep up with, your natural reaction will be to think about hiring a new employee. However, this doesn’t have to be your immediate solution. You could also bump up your prices. Of course, you should think about this carefully and figure out whether it’s the right thing to do. Many businesses actually don’t charge what they are worth. If you bump up your prices, you may get less business but you’ll be making more money/the same amount, and you’ll have a workload that your team are actually able to handle.


You Have A Specific Role In Mind

If you have a specific role in mind, then it could very well be a good time to hire. Maybe you want a social media manager, or something to that effect. If you have staff members that are doing more than their assigned roles right now, they are likely diluting their talents and efforts and not getting the best results. This doesn’t mean they can’t multi task or anything; it just means that you can’t expect each one to be jack of all trades. Having a specific role in mind will give you a good idea of whether this hire is worth the cost.

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