6 Tips For Creating A Logo with Designhill

Regardless of the company, a general rule of logo design is to be as simple as possible. The reason is apparent: simple things are easier to remember.

However, designing an effective logo is a challenging task. In addition to simplicity, the uniqueness of the brand, colors, visual appeal, and many other factors must be considered.

While it is true that first impressions must always be the best, this concept also applies to the logo and, consequently, to the image of your company. Hardly anyone will remember your company if they weren’t able to memorize your logo.

Therefore, the logo must be considered a fundamental and undeniably important part of one’s marketing and communication strategy.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to create a great logo. You can do it with Designhill logo maker!

Here are a few tips you can consider to build a perfect logo.


1. Capture the essence of your brand

Your brand has a unique story, so be sure to convey the essence of your business through the logo.

For example, suppose you need to create a logo for a company that produces alcoholic sparkling water. In that case, you could focus on the product’s characteristics, including its refreshing, moisturizing, and calming capabilities.

The first step in designing a logo is brainstorming useful to highlight aspects described and collect the ideas that you think work best.

With the Designhill tool, the process is fully automated. You just need to choose the design styles you like more that capture the essence of your brand:


2. Use colors effectively

Let’s talk about colors for a moment. In the social sciences, there is the psychology and influence of color involved in studying the meaning of colors and how people perceive them. In short, an excellent source of ideas when designing a logo.

Following the theories of color psychology, green symbolizes safety, nature, health, and freshness. For those companies in the food supply chain, green is an excellent choice.
Yellow, on the other hand, is commonly perceived as the color of innovation and optimism, and it is recommended to use it for those companies dedicated to technology.
Speaking of blue, it is considered beneficial for the body because it symbolizes wisdom, trust, and stability.
Be careful to use black, always a sign of elegance and power (especially when accompanied by gold), but it can also be perceived as something related to death.

Many other examples would be worth exploring, but in our case, returning to the company that produces sparkling water, black and yellow are not the most suitable choices. On the contrary, green and blue is an option that is much better suited to the product.

When creating a logo with Designhill, you just need to pick the colors that represent your brand, and the AI will do the rest for you:


3. Simplicity is everything

All the most iconic logos are simple: Apple, Nike, Google, Volkswagen, and many others are perfect examples. You can recognize them among hundreds of logos because they have characteristics that make them immediate and unique. The main distinctive feature must be the most recognizable and identifying brand, such as Volkswagen’s V and W or Nike’s Swoosh.

Keep in mind that your logo design could (indeed should) be changed in the future as the company grows and to keep up with the times, so design it making it flexible and able to lend itself to any changes. Make your logo as simple as possible by using minimal elements like circles, lines, rings, etc., but don’t limit yourself in creativity.


4. The right character

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of fonts out there. First, get familiar with the main font categories:

  • Serif is used for those logos that need a traditional look;
  • Sans-Serif is suitable for a modern style;
  • Script use it when you need to make the logo more informal or lighthearted.

Regardless of the choice of typeface, you must make the logotype (the textual part of the logo) versatile to adapt it to the context that hosts it, especially when you need to combine two different fonts.

For example, suppose you need to design the logo for your travel blog. In that case, you can consider using a Hand Written Script font, primarily if you target an audience interested in family travel. On the other hand, if your articles are aimed at readers interested in responsible tourism, a Serif is the one for you. Understanding and understanding the power of typography in logo design is crucial to being successful.

With Designhill logo maker, you can edit the font, name and colors, symbols, container, and many other options:


Final Words

Each logo must represent the uniqueness of the brand. Make your project meaningful, follow these basic tips and create a logo that rocks!

If you still have any doubts about how to get started, don’t panic.

Be sure to visit Designhill Logo Maker website and start creating your logo today!