8 Decorating Tips Every Business Office Needs

Your office is the place where the magic happens and the money is made. It’s the central hub around which your entire business spins, and it perhaps doesn’t get enough credit. Yes, you need your staff to perform, but a carefully crafted work environment can help them reach their A-game.

So whether you’ve just moved in or have been there a while, it’s time to crack out the paintbrush. Read on for some all-important office design tips!


1. Minimal use of color

It’s best to keep your use of color to a minimum. Reserve it for accented products, so you have small splashes all around the office.

The less color you use, the neater, more sanitary and professional your environment looks.


2. Look for cross-promotional opportunities

If there’s a local art dealer looking for somewhere to exhibit their work, offer to place it in your office.

Now, they’ll speak highly of you, and you can promote them in return. If they have a big social media following, use this to share your posts with their audience.


3. Let your staff design their workspace

If your staff members are allowed to add personal items like photos to their desk, this can make them happier when working.

People respond to different colors, so letting your staff dictate those colors can result in a healthy workforce.


4. Privacy promotes productivity


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If you design your office in such a way that each employee has their own private space, productivity will increase. Privacy means less distractions, which means more attention is diverted to work.

There are a variety of workspace pods that can offer you this functionality. So consider tweaking your environment slightly!


5. Keep windows clear


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An open window with a beautiful view can inspire, wow and motivate your staff. Unless, of course, the view out of your window is of a dumping ground.

On the other hand, if you have a gorgeous vista at your disposal, use it wisely!


6. The chair is everything

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If it’s hard and uncomfortable, you won’t have a happy workforce. Office workers can be sat on chairs for six plus hours each day, so make sure they’re spongy enough to comfortable. Those cheap, rock-solid plastic chairs won’t cut it!


7. Don’t shut yourself off


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Yes, you’re the boss, but you shouldn’t lock yourself away in a side office. Make yourself approachable and accessible to put your employees at ease. If you practically live in a dark office with the blinds drawn like a cave troll, you make yourself hard to talk to.

Instead, decorate your space in a similar manner to the rest of the office, so employees consider you more on their level.


8. Specific spaces for specific needs


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Storage and organization are just as important as anything here, so don’t forget them. Give each employee a set amount of storage, so files and reports don’t get complicated and lost. Having one room where everything is kept is a recipe for disaster.

Create areas where you will keep common office items, like paper, clips and pens. Keep these easily accessible and readily available. Have all your printers and fax machines in one area, so your staff don’t wander around trying to find a free one.

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