7 Mistakes Entrepreneur’s Make When Hiring

If you’re an entrepreneur or a budding one, you will have at least considered what it will be like to hire staff and what you’ll have to do to get the best people for the job.

If you’re going to really take your business to the next level and thrive, then you need to make sure you don’t make the following mistakes.


Not Knowing Exactly What You Want

You really need to know exactly what you want in an employee before you begin hiring. Think of the following things and actually write them down:

  • What skills should they have?
  • What type of personality will they have?
  • What should they bring to the table that others don’t?

Ask yourself lots of questions so you can find the most suitable candidate. If you know you need an employee but you aren’t sure what you want from them and just go for a general fit, you’ll get mediocre results at best.


Interviewing Too Many Candidates

Interviewing too many candidates can confused you. Make sure you look at CVs properly to work out who really deserves to get through to the interview stages.

You’ll cut the work you have to do down, and be able to find the best person for the job.


Going On Personality Alone

Some people are way too trusting and friendly. They get on with an interviewee really well, maybe they support the same football team or have a great sense of humour. Then they get the job.

One catch – they aren’t very good at it. Going on personality alone is pretty dangerous. Just because a person is likeable doesn’t mean you should hire them.


Going On Skills Alone

Going on skills alone could be a mistake you make too. While somebody does need the skills you’re after, you could also cut somebody a break if you can supply training and they are more than willing to learn.

You could make exceptions for the right candidate, if they are the right mix of personality and skills.


Failing To Do Background Checks

Again, this could be a case of being too trusting. They have the personality and skills. But have you done background checks?

You can’t know what a person is like from a few interviews, and there could be some things they are hiding from you. You must do things like CRB checks to get an overall picture.


Hiring Someone Like You

Hiring someone just like yourself can be tempting. They have similar story and personality, and you want to cut them a break. Not a great idea!

Hiring out of pity or sentimentality is again, a big mistake.


Not Looking For Someone In Alignment

Not only do you need someone who has skills and personality, they need to be in alignment with your company culture too.

If they’re not, they won’t fit with the rest of your team or represent your business well.


Don’t make these 7 mistakes when you start searching for the best employee for the job.

Avoid them, and you’ll take your business from strength to strength.


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