What Entrepreneurship Truly Looks Like

If you are looking to rock that entrepreneur look and go solo, then we can safely say that you are an optimist. You may think you are a realist, but even a realist’s persuasion that must fall one way or another, and to think you can make it as a business leader shows you are an optimist. Even if you have heard about the hardships, you have no doubt convinced yourself that the perks are worthwhile. They are, but only just.

You see, there are just a load of things that no one ever tells you about going out on your own because a) they went through a long time ago and thus have the benefit of hindsight which makes all the challenges look slightly more rose-tinted or b) they are going through it now and know how important it is to stay positive if they are going to make their story a successful one.

So, to help you out a little, we have spoken to those willing to speak the truth and asked them what advice they would give. And here it is:



When It’s Good It’s Good, But…

When it is bad, wow, it really is bad. There is no other way to put it other than this: imagine you are on the most hardcore rollercoaster, one that doesn’t go round and round, and one that never stops. Sure, when times are good, then you experience nothing less than euphoria. But when the going gets tough, you can expect sleepless nights.

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Networking Is More Than Necessary…

When people start out as entrepreneurs, they almost always start out as solopreneurs and find things to be very slow. But by joining a networking group, well, you will find that your abilities to grow will shoot up no end. That is because you will be surrounding yourself with people who have been where you are, people that have built client lists, people that will become mentors and people that will help guide you down the road.

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Getting Paid Is A Pain…

When you were employed and enjoying that cushy job in such and such, you knew how much you were going to get paid and on what day of the month. This luxury vanishes when you become your own boss. In fact, you will find getting paid is one of the biggest pains because people have an ability to ignore invoices. So make sure you are aware of this and how to overcome it. This could mean looking into invoice finance companies, it could mean offering a discount for early payment, adding interest on late payment or accepting Paypal to make things easier for them. Whatever you prefer, just make sure you are aware of this problem.

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You Are Responsible For Everything…

Not having enough funds to pay your staff; not delivering a project to a high enough standard; forgetting to put loo roll in the office bathrooms; not having enough parking at your workplace. All of these fall under the bell curve that is your responsibility. So, make sure you learn how to handle all of these and make sure you teach your employees how to take on some of these. If you don’t, well, you’ll quickly learn that you have started a daycare nursery and not a business.


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