Exhibition Season: How To Stand Out In The Crowd

For some companies, the biggest event of their whole year is a trade show. The ability to set up a stall and impress the competition while marketing to clients and possible customers all at the same time is an exciting prospect. If trade shows aren’t a big part of your marketing plan, then you need to put them in! Whether it’s the large trade events to the small shows, trade shows and exhibitions are an excellent promotional tool for your business. They generate new leads, expose you to new people and give you a chance to really impress. You want to be the business that everyone remembers, and like every other marketing tool there is out there, trade shows are about getting the right results.

The more people that you can bring to your exhibition stand, the more exposure your business gets – it’s just science…well, it’s business! The key here is attracting those people toward your business stand and making them feel like they’re the only people in the world. People love to be treated like they matter, and happy and interested customers are the ones who will remember you long after the exhibition has finished. Your stand needs to be beautiful and eye-catching, and you can get some stunning exhibition stands from companies like www.clone-media.co.uk/ that really help to get you noticed. There are so many tactics that are out there in the exhibition world to make your company shine among all others, and if you do your research before you set up, you can ensure that you get the right attention. When it comes to attracting people to your stand, we’ve got some sneaky ways you can draw them in listed for you below:

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Stop, Press! You want good exposure and a good number of customers swanning to your stall, right? Getting in touch with trade publications before your show date. These publications are all about promoting businesses and if you have a new product or something interesting about your company that you have been keeping under wraps, a trade show publication is the right way to get the word out and draw people to you. Invest a little money in an advert or two about your company before the big day and watch the customers flock.

Freebies! Everyone loves swag. Whether you go to a baby exhibition, wedding exhibition or one that’s purely for business masterminds, swag bags are an absolute necessity. And make them good ones! If you can offer a goody bag full of branded products, you are going to be well placed on the desks and in the handbags of everyone who takes one. Think desk calendars with your logo and branding on them, as well as pens. If we’re talking free items, offering free Wi-Fi from your stand is a brilliant way to bring journalists to you, too. Exhibits are notorious for having paid Wi-Fi and not free, so it’s one more thing you can do.

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Research. There’s only so much you can do online when it comes to exhibitions, so why not attend a few yourself? Make a note of the popular stands – who are they? What are they doing to draw people in? What do they offer in their swag bags? Do the popular stands have a live Tweet wall like this one? All of this research can only serve to help you as you can sneak a few of the ideas for yourself and implement them with your own twist on them. Attend shows that are relative to your business and industry and decide how you can be a star player on your own show.

Add Some Fun. Being memorable among all the other businesses at a tradeshow is important, and you need to be creative with your décor, banners and the entertainment you provide. Why not kick off your trade show with a game? Have bingo or a raffle going through the day and provide prizes for other business people to win. If you make it so they have to return to your stall to find out if they are a winner, or sign up for an update the next day, you can gather information about potential contacts and it’s a very clever way to bring people to you.

Ultimately, you have to work a trade show as if you’re the only company in attendance. Make it fun, make it loud and make it so that your customers won’t want to talk about anyone else except you!


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