Expanding Cable And Internet To Your Home Office

If you have a do it yourself personality, then you see problems that arise around the house as challenges. There are a number of things that you can handle without the need to call in professionals. One of these things is introducing cable tv and internet to a home office that doesn’t currently have it. Sit back, relax, and let’s take a closer look at how to do this.



Preperation starts with the room that has a cable outlet closes to the room without cable. Depending on the distance between these two locations, you have a couple of options. If the rooms are only separated by a wall, then you may want to drill a hole through the wall to run the coaxial cable through. If the room is farther away, then you can tact the line along the base of the wall and under the carpet to get it to its destination. Once this is determined, you will need a length of coaxial cable long enough to bridge the gap between the two rooms, RF power dividers, and a short length of coaxial cable.



The installation process is fairly simple. Disconnect the existing cable line from the wall outlet leaving the other end attached to the tv. Attach the one end of the short length of cable to the outlet and the other in to the input of the RF power divider. Now attach the cable that’s still connected to the tv to one of the outputs of the RF divider. Attached the length of cable that bridges the gap between rooms to the other output of the RF divider.

With these connections secured, you now have access to the cable signal in your home office. If you want both television and a router in the office, then you’ll require another RF divider and two more short lengths of coaxial cable. This will split the signal of the line that you just ran so that you can attach one to the tv and the other to the router. Keep in mind that the more RF power dividers that you use, the more degraded the signal will become.