Using An Extractor Fan In Your Commercial Kitchen

When you manage a commercial kitchen such as those in restaurants, catering business, cafes and other food business, the installation of an extractor fan is extremely important. If you talk about installing, it is setting up a branch of extraction and ventilation that specializes in improving air quality in the kitchen. Installation of fans is important because smoke, dust and the grease-laden air have to be eliminated.

There are various reasons why you should install an extractor fan in your commercial kitchen. One reason is to provide good working conditions to you and your staff which will always bring out their best performance in whatever it is that they are doing. A commercial kitchen extractor fan is one essential component in every kitchen extraction and ventilation system. Everyone owning a money-making kitchen requires this equipment for efficient performance in your business.

This product is a very important part of your kitchen. It can provide your kitchen and your entire business with numerous benefits and there quite a few good reasons why you should make sure you have one installed. Some of the reasons are:

  • It removes cooking fumes at the source.
    • It remove excess hot air and introduce incoming cool clean air conducive for the working staff.
    • To provide enough air for complete combustion and prevent the risk of carbon monoxide accumulation which may result in death.

How To Identify The Best Kitchen Extractor Fan

Many people are not able to identify outstanding products. They just go for any item found in the market. Here are some factors to consider when identifying an excellent extractor fan fit for your kitchen’s needs:

  1. Air volume flow rate
    2. Sound produced by the fan
    3. Product’s model
    4. Static Pressure


Maintenance is also a key issue in dealing with your commercial kitchen. Every person cares about hygiene and cleanliness. Below are some advantages of keeping your ventilation and extraction system in good working order:

  • Regular cleaning will lengthen the lifespan of your system. Failing to clean your system regularly causes severe damage to it and makes you incur a significant cost from repairs or replacement.
    • It is estimated that carrying out regular cleaning may save operating costs of up to 20 percent of annual energy consumption.
    • An inefficient way of cleaning extractors may result in an increase of temperature thus causing discomfort to workers. Also, the buildup of grease in ducts becomes a fire hazard and threat to health and safety requirements.When you’re planning to install an extractor fan, there are companies that supply high-grade commercial kitchen extraction systems in London or in your local area and offer quality services appropriate for your kitchen’s usage. The company will cater to your needs and leave you amazed with their service. Their services range from bespoke planning, design, supply, and installation. If at all you require extractor fan replacement, cooker hood repair, and services contracts, do not hesitate to contact a professional. Their services are very flexible and can adapt solutions that will fit perfectly to anyone’s needs.It is very important for you to install a kitchen extractor fan for the safety and ease of working conditions. So kindly take a crucial step and install this in your commercial kitchen so that you can have the best for your business and for your staff as well.