Gameboy Color Game ROMs

Are you a GBC ROMs enthusiast and thus desire to be knowledgeable and more informed about the game? If so, the various inevitable facts concerning gameboy color game roms discussed in this write- up will certainly be vital to your needs. GBC i.e. the game boy color refers to a handheld game console made by Nintendo. This game was released in Japan on 21st October, 1998.

The GBC is slightly taller and thicker and features a screen which is slightly smaller than that of its predecessor i.e. the GBP i.e. Game Boy Pocket. If you will master the various tricks and rules used to play gameboy color game roms and utilize them appropriately, you will with no doubt become a pro and have fun- filled and memorable experiences every moment you play this game.


Top Gameboy Color Game ROMs

1.Pokemon Gold/Silver

In this game, pokemon and some certain events appear at specific period of the day thus giving Silver and Gold a real life quality, which is not present from the previous pokemon titles. Also, the inclusion of the cell-phone, which made it easier for a person to keep always in touch with main characters, is also another feature making this game more interesting.


2.Super Mario Bros DX

Super Mario Bros DX also is another game that was revitalized by Nintendo from its impressive previous kind to a more spectacular form that suits the needs of the current generation of gamers. For instance, in the new form, Nintendo included extras to make sure that the game deserves its `deluxe’ tag.


3.Metal Gear Solid

Despite Metal Gear Solid abandoning the single- screen cell- based style of the previous 2D instalments, this game is considered by most people as among the finest releases by GBC. The game utilizes the best features from the previous games by ensuring they perform within the limitations set by GBC.


How to Play Gameboy Color ROMs

Step 1: Downloading and Installing the Emulator

Visit any reliable web browser on your laptop, tab or smartphone and select GBA4IOS 2.0. Once popup appears, choose install. Immediately it finishes installing, you will see purple and white icon on your device’s home careen.


Step 2: Activating the Emulator

When you open GBA4IOS 2.0, the popup that appear has information concerning the developer. Open it up by clicking the button `Continue’.


Step 3: Adding Game ROMs to your Emulator

You will require downloading your own ROMs for the Game Boy Color. Be informed you must be the legal owner of the game for you to be able to download the GBC ROMs. If you do not own the game and end up downloading it, that is illegal.


Step 4: Accessing and Playing your Game

Once you download your ROMs for the GBC, they will appear under the Game Boy Color tab on your device. Once you click the game, it will start immediately.


Bottom Line

In case there is anything else you wish to know about gbc roms or you need a reliable site you can find games to play, do not hesitate visiting our website i.e. for more information.


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