Where Can You Find Growth Partners In The Construction Industry?

The construction sector is one of the constantly growing sectors that yet still struggles at a company level to maintain books in the green. The construction sector is constantly evolving – the housing sector continues to grow despite the financial fluctuations of the market – for one very simple reason: Regardless of the economic situation of the country, people will still need a roof over their heads. However, due to the constant evolution of the construction sector, small companies struggle to attract clients, while large companies struggle to complete their many projects on time. If you’re a small construction business, you know that you need to find new ways of acquiring clients. While marketing is a helpful strategy, growing your network and finding powerful partners is a much more effective approach to business growth. Who are the best partners for a small construction company? There are 7 top partners that can help you to attract new clients and get involved in new projects.


#1. Partner with H&S trainer

There’s no denying that working on a construction site can be hugely dangerous. From large machinery to risky electric systems, there are more ways to injure yourself on a construction site than in any other profession – except maybe if you teach crocodile to dance as a living! Additionally, it’s not uncommon to work with independent professionals to complete specific construction projects for which you didn’t have all the skills in the team. Therefore, you need to train everyone to the health and safety regulations of the project for each specific site, as explained here: http://smallbiztricks.com/running-small-construction-site/. If you want to be able to work in collaboration with large teams on common projects, you need to partner with a health and safety instructor to keep everyone in the clear. The instructor can ensure that everyone on the site knows the specific rules and understands how to stay safe and productive throughout the day. Additionally, it’s always a boost of confidence for the team to keep a trainer on board, so that they can not only do things by the book but also have someone there to help should anything bad happen. And, while you’re at it, you can use your H&S expertise to pitch on public projects: It’ll give you the competitive edge!


#2. Partner with a quality supplier

As a construction company, you know that you need to help your client to pick the best material for their needs and their budget. It’s not uncommon for construction businesses to have a few favorite brands in terms of material, from bricks to pipes. As a result, these brands are often part of the list of suggestions they provide to their clients. Why not take a business step in the right direction and make sure that you are rewarded for your loyalty to a supplier? Engage in close partnerships with selected construction material suppliers so that you can benefit from special prices – which your clients will love – and you can get access to suppliers’ projects. But how do you pick the right supplier? The best way is to contact them and discuss your partnership proposal in person. You should be able to visit their factory and pay attention to the quality of the equipment they use – industrial bucket elevators such as https://www.goughecon.com/product-details/belt-and-bucket-elevators/, for instance, are commonly used for concrete and aggregate sectors and need to limit product degradation; if it doesn’t, then you know you want another supplier. Similarly, you should also invite suppliers to visit your construction site.


#3. Partner with an architect

Architects are responsible for creating the plans of a construction project. As part of your everyday job, it’s likely that you get to work with architects on large projects. Creating a partnership with a busy architecture cabinet can help you to get called on projects regularly, and to work with modern and eco-friendly techniques. For an architect, it’s also advantageous to be in a position where they can suggest a quality construction company for their design. In the end, collaboration is at the core of successful projects.  


#4. Partner with a property investor

It’s not uncommon for regional areas to be divided between a handful of property investors. Property investors are extremely valuable contacts, as many tend to buy old buildings and to renovate or destroy to build new in an effort to sell or let. Consequently, identifying the successful investors in your location can be a smart move to get hold of additional construction projects.


#5. Partner with a real estate agency

Real estate agents are the ones who work intensively with property investors and small landlords. Consequently, they are the first people to know when a building needs renovation or improvement work and it’s their role to advise their clients. When choosing a real estate agency as a partner, you need to approach them in the same way you would if you were to sell your house. Evaluate their performance and find an agency you trust. And why not joining them at an open house event to get to know them?


#6. Partner with a marketing designer

As surprising as it might sound, working with a marketing designer is a smart move for your construction business. Indeed, you need to arrange with your clients for fencing solutions around the site, and consequently, you can suggest fencing advertising too. It’s important to make sure that you can find a designer who will be able to promote an image of the finished project on the fence so that the pedestrians and drivers who pass by the site can know what is coming. Additionally, a designer can help you to get your company visible on the fence ads!


#7. Partner with local councils

Finally, make yourself known from your local council and authorities so that they have your name in case of future construction projects. There are plenty of public institutions in your town that might be some improvement or renovation work.


In the construction industry, getting your name’s out is half the battle. Therefore there’s nothing more important than building a healthy network of valuable contacts to help you grow your business and attract more projects.


Featured image source: Architects make great partners


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