Hacking Your Office To Get More Done

You might not think you have enough time to get your office organised. But if you could see just how much time you’re losing in a chaotic office, you’d think otherwise. It’s not just about moving bits of paper into draws.

It’s about thinking about the fundamental design language of the space. You want to make way for higher productivity and lower downtime.

Reorganising your office need not be arduous so long as you do it bit by bit. You can think of it as a project instead of a Blitzkrieg.

The following are some hacks to get more done in your office.


File Weekly

One of the biggest problems that businesses have is allowing their filing to mount up without doing anything about it.

Nobody wants to organise piles of paper every day, so I’m not suggesting that you do that. But it is a good idea to file at least once a week to keep things organised and to stop work from piling up.


Keep Archive Files

Archiving need not be expensive. Choose standard, cardboard archiving files to keep old documents. Organise the files in some way that is appropriate for your business.

Usually, you’d do this by year. But you might want to do it by client or by project. Archiving is an excellent way to keep records of your business and a great reference you can refer to later.




Better Furniture

Office furniture plays a significant role in how much we can get done.

Comfortable chairs are critical. But so too is equipment that is practical and ergonomic. Businesses like Interia Systems sell a wide range of office furniture online.


Storage Boxes

Companies like Iron Mountain tend to make use of a lot of storage boxes. Why? Because they’re cheap and economical.

Cardboard storage boxes are a great way to store a lot of files in a very tight space. If you’re limited on the amount of space that you have or if you only have a single cupboard to keep files, storage boxes may be the answer.

Arrange storage boxes by date for easy access.


Separate Inboxes

If you’re working with the same people over and over again, create a unique inbox for them. This doesn’t have to be a virtual inbox on your email system.

This can be a tray on your desk. It’s just something that you can easily refer to whenever you want to see where you’re up to with one of your most important collaborators.



Establish Work Zones

Too many offices blend workspace with meeting space. This is not a good idea. Your office should be zoned in a way that maximises productivity.

Work zones should be quiet, and noise shouldn’t bleed from meeting rooms or client entertaining areas. There should also be a relaxed space for colleagues to discuss issues related to work.

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Think About Proximity

The last thing that you want to be doing is walking long distances to get the things you need all the time.

That’s why it’s a good idea to keep all the bits you need regularly close at hand.


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