Heavy Duty Lift in the Car Industry

There are various types of equipment which can be used to make lifting for vehicles easier including vehicle stands and bus lifting solutions.


Heavy duty trucks lift and maintenance equipment:


Mobile column lifts for special vehicles
There are three types of mobile column lifts depending on your vehicles’ weight and the wheel size.

• Parallelogram lifts
Best for lifting and maintenance operations for heavy vehicles, buses and trucks. The fact that load is distributed evenly during lifting, the lift’s components are protected from wear.

• Vehicle jacks
They can be used to lift up to 20 tons to a 700mm stroke.

Mobile column lifts for standard vehicles
Column lifts are of different types and they usually differ according to their technologies and lifting capacities. The offer solution for heavy duty lifting and truck workshops thus creating more security and flexibility in the work place. They have HGV support stands that allow them to be used on another vehicle thus doubling the lifting capacity. They have the advantage of more efficiency and less cost.

• Hydropneumatics jacks
For lifting any type of industrial vehicle.

• Platform lifts
For lifting mechanical assemblies up to 1.5ton.

• Multipurpose jacks (vehicle and transmission jacks)
Used either for vehicle lifting or transmission of mechanical assemblies.

• Mobile column lifts for forklift trucks
Lateral grip or frontal method can be used by mobile columns to lift forklift trucks. Both ways will meet your needs during your maintenance operations.

• Floor transmission jacks
Used in addition to lifting equipment for efficiency in operations.

• Stands and trestles
There are a variety of wedging technics including classic stands, pit side stands, dump body stands and trestles.

• King pin press
Has a pump which exerts forces from sixty tons

• Semi-scissor lift
Semi-scissor lifts are best for maintenance of buses, coaches and HGVs up to thirty-five tons. Their strongly built platforms offer constant reliability, safety during operation and great stability.

• Cleaning equipment
used for cleaning different vehicle parts.

• Hydraulic wheel dolly
For mounting and dismounting double or single wheels on heavy vehicles.

• Workshop presses
Suitable for both industries and workshops.

• Workshop cranes